The First 46,500 iPhone X Have Shipped From China

Rumor has it that Apple’s supplier Foxconn has recently shipped the first 46,500 units of the iPhone X out of China.

The most current rumor regarding the iPhone X shipping status states that the first 46,500 units have been shipped recently from two of Foxconn facilities, one in Zhengzhou and the other in Shanghai. The pre-order date for the iPhone X will start on October 27th, and the launch date is set to follow on November 3rd. Reports state the first units were shipped to the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Talk has it that the main setback for the iPhone X was the TrueDepth camera, which handles tasks like the Face ID, the problem arise specifically from the iPhone X’s dot projector. The component is responsible for illuminating a user’s face with 30,000 infrared dots to create a depth map of the user’s face, which is the reason for the iPhone X low production at this point.

It seems Foxconn has plans to up the production from 100,000 units per week to 400,000 units per week. Once production steps up, analyst believe shipments for the device will be between 30 million to 37 million for the year 2017.

Source: Appleinsider, Mashable

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