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Back in late 2013 when both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were brand new to the gaming scene, we recommended taking a wait-and-see attitude before diving into the new generation of console hardware. Even a year ago, we still said both consoles felt a little too expensive and a little too lacking in must-play exclusives. There was no need to run out and buy immediately.

Today, the “next generation” of consoles has been the “current generation” of consoles for more than two years, and it’s finally time for those who’ve been waiting to make the upgrade. Competition drove both the Xbox One and the PS4 to sell for $300 with included games this holiday season, prices that are likely to persist into 2016. Combined with an increasing lack of last-generation ports for many big-budget games and continuing improvements to both the libraries and features of the new consoles, there’s plenty of reason to take the plunge on a new system.

But which new system should you choose? A lot has changed in the battle between the PS4 and Xbox One since we last took a comprehensive look at the market, so here’s where things stand with the latest battle in the console wars.

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