Andrew Cunningham loves Dragon Quest Builders possibly more than he loves his own life. (credit: Square Enix)

Our recent list of the top 20 games of 2016 is a good round-up of the editors' collective opinions on the best made and most compelling interactive entertainment of the year. But, much like every year, there were quite a few other games that stood out to individual editors, even if they didn't merit full discussion in the Game of the Year piece for one reason or another.

To give some of those personal gaming passions their due, we present this list of the "Best of the Rest" games of 2016, as picked by some of our editors. They might not be perfect, but these games all struck a chord with someone on our staff, and they may just strike a chord with you as well.

Dragon Quest Builders

As a lifelong Dragon Quest fanatic and lapsed Minecraft obsessive, I thought it was awful nice for Square Enix to release Dragon Quest Builders in North America exclusively for me. Dragon Quest games, with their intentionally quaint menus and dated mechanics, tend to appeal most to people who already like Dragon Quest games (see: Dragon Quest VII). But much to my surprise, I found in Dragon Quest Builders a really fun title that improves on the exploration and creativity of Minecraft by setting up concrete objectives and boundaries.

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