The App Store Now Has A Popup Ad

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Apple has decided to use the App Store to promote the iPhone 6s, basically targeting older iPhone users during this holiday shopping period.

If you have upgraded to iOS 9.2 and you are using an iPhone 5s and older, Apple is appealing to you. Apple is basically attempting to target older iPhone users with their full screen pop-up ad that reads: “Ridiculously Powerful,” with a picture displaying the new iPhone 6s. The reader has the option to “Learn more” or “Upgrade,” or “Bypass” the ad by hitting the “Skip” button at the top.

Apple marketing strategy could be perfect for those last-minute holiday shoppers who are still contemplating what to buy their love ones, or after all the gifts are purchased for everyone else, now to find that one special gift for themselves. This tactic would also target the iPhone user who really prefer not to depart with their faithful, and beloved older iPhone. Most older iPhone users will probably not go out of their way to venture into researching or looking at the newer and more current updated versions of the iPhone, but if this opportunity is presented to you, a slimmer, more powerful and newer iPhone, this ad just might speak to you.

Some users have reported finding the ad annoying and intrusive, this may be true, most users aren’t looking for device advertisement in the App Store, but this could become a trend for the now, in a new way to  advertise a product. Apple might be testing the waters to see how well users respond to this new type of marketing for older iPhone users.

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