Buy the Dagobah expansion set, it is your destiny. (credit: Aurich vs Vader)

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For those of a certain age, the original Star Wars movies premiered at formative moments in our lives—and thus stayed with us forever. I had only recently turned four when Star Wars came out in 1977, but I saw Empire and Jedi in the theater, and these movies fueled my inner geek for years to come.

We geeks needed lots of fuel, too, for it was a long slog between the Jedi credits rolling off the screen in 1983 and standing in line for The Phantom Menace premiere in 1999. We subsisted on Star Wars collectibles from action figures to Lego Millennium Falcons to LaserDiscs. Later, in 1995, some of us also played a ridiculously complicated but addictive customizable card game based on the Star Wars universe.

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