Thanks to the Play Store, Microsoft Office arrives on Chromebooks


Through the magic of the Play Store, the official Microsoft Office apps have arrived on Chromebooks. It has been a long journey to get here, with random individual Chromebook models gaining and losing Office support for the past year, but now, according to a report from Chrome Unboxed, the office suite is live on all Chromebooks. You need an Office 365 subscription to actually save and edit a document, but if you're paying the $7-per-month fee, you can now fire up the apps on a Chromebook.

The Play Store on Chromebooks brings Android apps to the formerly "web only" platform. For Microsoft Office, this means Chromebook users get the Android tablet version of Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. Unlike nearly every other Android tablet app in existence, Microsoft's tablet apps are actually great! They offer a big-screen optimized interface that looks a lot like the Windows apps, but with a smaller feature set. The Office apps are actually way better than Google's own Drive apps on a tablet, which are just stretched-out phone apps (although on Chromebooks, you'd use the Drive website.)

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