Tested: The best Apple Watch stands

How do you charge your Apple Watch? If the answer is: “I plop it down on the magnetic charging puck, which is lazily strewn across my nightstand,” you’re doing it wrong.

A dedicated Apple Watch stand protects your Watch from scratches, spills, and from falling on the floor when you accidentally trip on that charging cable. It also ensures that your Watch has its own place, so it’s always charged and ready to go (and so you won’t lose it).

But, of course, not all stands are created equal. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to stand-shopping, you’re in luck: We tested out ten popular Apple Watch stands to see how they stacked up. While most of the stands we tested each have their strengths and weaknesses, a couple of stands stood out for their style and innovative design, and a couple stood out for being… less than usable.

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