Tesla Model 3 owners are sharing more info on model as deliveries increase

Enlarge (credit: Tesla)

If the past is anything to go by, we expect it might be some time before Tesla has any Model 3 electric cars for us to review. The company's order books are overflowing, and in the past we've seen that any production capacity is prioritized for paying customers rather than the press. But as Model 3s start finding their way into the hands of customers who aren't Tesla employees, plenty more details about the hotly anticipated car are becoming public, thanks to owners at the Model 3 Owners Club.

Members of the club complied a list of over 80 different features of the car they're curious about, including questions about how the car operates (does the card unlock all the doors, where does the UI show you that your turn signals are active), physical aspects of the car (what does the tow hitch attachment look like, how much stuff can you fit in the front and rear cargo areas), and subjective details (how aggressive is the energy regeneration, does that wood trim cause glare).

At least two members of the club have received delivery of their cars, and unlike Tesla employees and special friends of the company who have cars, they appear to be under no requirement to keep this info quiet. So far, we've learned a few interesting facts. For instance, the windshield wipers are turned on and off by a stalk like just about every other car on the market, but changing the speed (slow/fast/intermittent) is handled by a menu on the touchscreen. The stalk also does double duty turning on the headlights, and there are no rain sensors for the wipers.

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