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The new Apple TV doesn’t support YouTube in 4K HDR

While support for the object-based Dolby Atmos surround sound technology is “on the roadmap”, it’s unclear when Google’s YouTube app for tvOS might serve 4K HDR video on Apple’s upcoming 4K-enabled media streamer.... Read the rest of this post here

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New book details how YouTube helped transform Netflix into a streaming juggernaut

Netflix Video

Few companies have been able to pivot as successfully as Netflix did when it completely shifted the focus of its business from mailing out DVDs to streaming video content to the masses. The transition may not have been seamless as first, but it wasn't long before Netflix carved out a space for itself as the premiere purveyor of streaming video on the planet. In the process, Netflix raised the bar for the entire tech and entertainment industry, eventually forcing companies like Amazon, Hulu and HBO to up their game.

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Comcast puts YouTube in its TV boxes to entice would-be cord-cutters

Enlarge (credit: Comcast)

Comcast on Tuesday said that it has started integrating YouTube into its X1 set-top boxes across the US. The two companies first announced the partnership this past February.

Much like the deal Comcast struck with Netflix last year, the move will see the YouTube app sit in the X1’s home screen, allowing subscribers to put the popular video service on their TV without switching to a third-party device like a Roku or Apple TV.

Comcast says it will also plant a handful of YouTube videos in its on-demand video section as well. Clips in the “Music” section of the on-demand menu, for instance, might feature music videos from the YouTube app.

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YouTube stream-ripping site for the masses dead in wake of RIAA suit

Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images)

The Recording Industry Association of America, the British Recorded Music Industry, and other industry lobbyists have sent piracy site down the memory hole. The site facilitated illicit stream-ripping for the masses.

The site, which shuttered to settle a US copyright infringement suit in Los Angeles, allowed pirates to drop a YouTube music video URL into a field on the site. Minutes later, users would get a fresh download of the music from the video. The site, according to the RIAA, was home to 60 million visitors a month.

"One of the world’s most egregious stream-ripping sites has shuttered. Sites like these undermine the health of the legitimate marketplace and the livelihoods of millions of music creators worldwide," Cary Sherman, the RIAA chairman and CEO, said in a statement Thursday.

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YouTube on iOS can now livestream ReplayKit-supported apps

Enlarge (credit: Valentina Palladino)

YouTube announced some new features for its mobile apps, with one of the biggest being more livestream support. Now you can livestream content from apps on iOS that support ReplayKit, Apple's screen-casting framework. YouTube Gaming has supported ReplayKit since June, but this update brings the support to the main app and lets users livestream content other than games.

To livestream a ReplayKit app, you'll need to be running iOS 10.2 or later on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and you need the latest version of the YouTube app. Your account also needs 100 subscribers, which is YouTube's milestone that unlocks livestreaming for mobile creators. That number has been lowered over the past few months: in February the threshold was 10,000, in April it was lowered to 1,000, and recently it was lowered again to 100.

In a supported app, a "live" icon will appear on the screen while you're gaming, creating, or otherwise using the app, and you can tap that to bring up your livestreaming options. Choose the YouTube app from the list, give your livestream a title and a thumbnail image, and immediately you'll start livestreaming. The stream will show what's happening in the app along with the feed from your front-facing camera, including sound from your device's mic.

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