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Apple pulls 25,000 illegal gambling apps from App Store in China

Apple has removed thousands of “illegal” gambling apps from Chinese App Store in a move that could help quell the latest challenge for the iPhone maker in its most important market outside of the United States.

China’s BOE spares no expense in a bid to supply OLEDs for iPhones

China’s BOE Technology Group is seeking to supply Apple with OLEDs for iPhones, joining Samsung Display, but first it will have to deal with manufacturing hell and yield issues.

Apple anticipates fans would lean toward the cheaper LCD iPhone this year

As consumers balk at the high price tag of iPhone X, Apple has reportedly adjusted its sales projections and now expects to move more iPhone models in its coming fall lineup that will come outfitted with cheaper LCD screens than the models equipped with pricier OLED screens.

WSJ: Apple taps Goldman Sachs for a branded Apple Pay credit credit due early 2019

As Apple’s investment bank has raised tens of billions of dollars for the Cupertino tech giant, Goldman Sachs now reportedly wants to bank Apple’s customers, too.

AT&T & T-Mobile now using Apple’s Hybridized Emergency Location tech for 911 calls

Apple is using accurate location information on iPhones to help wireless carriers locate emergency callers.