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WhatsApp introduces encrypted live location sharing service

WhatsApp Live Location Sharing

With more than a billion active users. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms out there. It works across operating systems, offering a way for friends and family to chat and exchange pictures and files relatively quickly. Facebook’s WhatsApp is, for many people, the main app for texting, and the company just announced a brand new feature that should further enhance chatting experiences.

WhatsApp will support live location sharing on iPhone and Android in the coming weeks, and it’s all protected by end-to-end encryption just like texts and calls placed within the app.

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WhatsApp Gains Support for Live Location Sharing

Popular messaging app WhatsApp was today updated with a new feature that's designed to allow WhatsApp users to share their location in real-time with family and friends.

Live Location through WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption and includes tools to allow users to specify who they share their location with and for how long.

To use Live Location, WhatsApp users need to open a chat with a person or group, select the "Location" feature in the attach button, and then choose the new option to "Share Live Location." When selecting the share option, users can select an amount of time the location sharing feature will last before expiring.

The person on the other end will be able to see the user's real-time location on a map, and if, in a group chat, more than one person shares their location, multiple locations will be displayed on the same map.

Live Location is available on both iOS and Android devices, and it will be rolling out to the WhatsApp apps "in the coming weeks."

WhatsApp can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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Add new privacy and aesthetic options to WhatsApp Messenger with ABetterPrivacyforWhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular third-party messaging platforms used on the iOS platform today, but there are countless ways it could be improved.

With a new free jailbreak tweak called ABetterPrivacyforWhatsApp, iOS developer CydiaGeek provides jailbroken WhatsApp Messenger users with the means of customizing their experience, allowing for better privacy and aesthetics in the app.... Read the rest of this post here

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WhatsApp Video and Photo Messages Reportedly Blocked in China

China has reportedly started blocking some features of the WhatsApp messaging service, as authorities continue to tighten controls over the country's internet.

WhatsApp users began reporting problems with sharing content on the chat platform yesterday, with many unable to send video and pictures. Despite initial fears of a communications-wide ban of the Facebook-owned service, text-based messages within the app appear to be unaffected.

WhatsApp's reach in China is small compared to homegrown chat service WeChat, which boasts 900 million users but is routinely subjected to state monitoring and censorship. However, Chinese users concerned about privacy have increasingly turned to the encrypted WhatsApp platform to communicate with friends and relatives as well as businesses abroad.

Facebook and Instagram have remained blocked by China's Great Firewall since 2009 and 2014, respectively. Encrypted messaging service Telegram was also blocked inside China after it became popular with the country's human rights lawyers, while several domestic VPNs – which are commonly used to evade censorship and access services abroad – were recently shut down after authorities said they were unauthorized to run.

China appears to be clamping down on potential sources of politically sensitive news as it prepares for a major leadership reshuffle in Beijing. The event happens every five years and often leads to a tightening of online controls to project an air of stability in the country. The death of jailed Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo last week also spurred censors into action, with commemorations on WeChat reportedly blocked by authorities.

(Via The New York Times.)

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WhatsApp gains chat pinning, comprehensive file sharing & more in latest update

As part of a broader set of capabilities recently teased for the Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging platform, the app has now gained a trio of new features in the latest update. WhatsApp version 2.17.40 for iOS brings a chat pinning feature, multi-format file sharing and other improvements.

With the pinning feature, you can make it so your favorite chats remain at the top of the list, so you can quickly find them. To use this feature, just swipe right on a chat in the conversation list, then tap a Pin or Unpin option.

The app has also expanded the file sharing feature, which now allows you to share any type of file with one or more recipients. To send files of any type, open a chat, tap the plus icon at the bottom then choose the Document option.

In the popup menu, select your favorite storage provider like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and so forth (any app that includes an iOS Document Storage extension should be available from the menu).

And lastly, when you receive multiple photos the app now lets you tap and hold on the group of photos to quickly forward or delete all of them in one fell swoop.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone, iPad and iPod for free from App Store.

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