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Fortnite, GTA V hackers face legal action for online cheating

Take-Two, Epic Games use lawsuits, search warrants in battle against cheaters.

Lawmakers propose law requiring warrants to search electronics at US border

“Americans’ constitutional rights shouldn’t disappear at the border.”

U.S. Appeals Court Says No Warrant Needed to Obtain Location Data from Carriers


A United States appeals court ruled on Tuesday that law enforcement officials are not required to obtain a warrant to get access to a cellphone’s location data, as long as they obtain it from the wireless carrier.

Judge: If feds find drugs on your car, pics of cash on your phone, you’re suspicious

Sergio Caballero was found with over 33 pounds of methamphetamine on his car.

Video rental past due for 14 years leads to arrest of NC man

Rental store is defunct. Format is obsolete. Movie is bad.