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Vine 2 Project Postponed for an ‘Indefinite Amount of Time’

After Twitter discontinued the original Vine service in 2016 and transitioned it into “Vine Camera,” Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman said he was developing “a follow-up to Vine” that would serve as a sort of Vine 2 app.

Hoffman didn’t provide much info …

Vine co-founder hints that a new version of the app is in development

Nearly eleven months ago, the popular short-form video platform Vine was shuttered for good. It was replaced with an app called Vine Camera, which carried the same name and featured the same functionality, but lacked the enormous community that made Vine such a weird, interesting and worthwhile app in the first place.

Vine as was dead, and everyone was going to have to live with that. At least, that was the story, until Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann announced late last month that he was working on “a follow-up to Vine.” He revealed that he would be funding the new app himself as an outside project so as not to interfere with his work at his new company.

Then, on Wednesday, Hofmann tweeted out a single image that brought a great deal of joy to the thousands of users who thought Vine died an untimely death. Based on the tweet, it looks like Hofmann is working on Vine 2:

At the time of writing, the tweet has nearly 90,000 retweets and over 160,000 likes. If there was any doubt that there is a community at the ready to pick up where Vine left off, this should help to clear that up. Unfortunately, there are no concrete details about the app yet. It probably won’t actually be called Vine 2, but the name is meaningless if the app allows users to create and share short videos on a viable platform that rivals the usability of Vine.

It’s also worth nothing that Hofmann has a day job, so “V2” won’t be his priority. But the mere fact that Vine is coming back in some form is the kind of happy surprise that we could all use as the news gets bleaker and bleaker.

Twitter Transitioning Vine to a Simpler ‘Vine Camera’ App

Twitter today announced that rather than shutting down the Vine app entirely as planned, it will be transitioned into a new app called “Vine Camera.”

Vine Camera will allow users to continue to make six-second looping videos that can then be saved t…

Vine for iOS updated w/ new ‘Watch’ button for easily watching all of the videos on a channel

Popular short-form video sharing service Vine has today announced a new feature that avid users of the service could appreciate. In a blog post, the Twitter-owned service announced that there is now a “Watch” button on all Vine channels that allows viewers to seamlessly watch all of the content from a single channel with one tap.


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Vine Update For iOS Now Supports 3D Touch

If you happen to be a Vine lover there’s good news for you, Vine has just released a new update that introduces new features to enhance your viewing experience. On Tuesday, Vine released version 5.3.0 of the app that now lets you briefly edit captions on your post, and enables you to sort through other Vine users’ […]

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