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Video: Scott Kelly stopped by and we got to ask him a few questions

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Former astronaut Scott Kelly spent most of 2015 and a bit of 2016 in low-Earth orbit aboard the International Space Station, functioning as a human guinea pig to test the effects of long-duration exposure to microgravity. He’s currently on a tour promoting the book he wrote about the experience, and as part of that tour he stopped by the Condé Nast offices in New York to do some press stuff.

We were able to squeeze in a quick video shoot and ask some questions of the seasoned space traveler, though we had to keep it short due to time constraints.

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Video: Apple’s $5 Billion Apple Park Is Nearly Finished

Apple is almost complete with its second headquarters in Cupertino, California, and a new video released by videography Matthew Roberts shows the progress Apple has made since the last video update.

The video shows Apple putting the finishing touches on the main office building, which has been nicknamed the “spaceship” due to its spacecraft design. It also shows workers focusing on the landscaping inside the center of the spaceship and around the campus.

While Apple has kept many parts of the campus off-limits, the company did open the doors to its Steve Jobs Theater last month to announce its latest devices such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the Apple Watch Series 3.

It’s unclear when Apple’s $5 billion headquarters will be completely finished. Employees started moving into the campus in April, and the landscaping was expected to be complete by the end of June, but the estimated date for completing the landscaping is a few months overdue.

If you’re interested in checking out the progress Apple has made this far, you can watch the video above or head over to YouTube.

Photo Credit: Matthew Roberts

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What Is Wireless Charging & How Fast Is It?

Many fans are excited that Apple has finally brought wireless charging to its new line-up of iPhones this year. The company claims that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are able to charge up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes thanks to its fast charge technology. If you’re not sure what wireless charging is or if you’re curious about the iPhone 8/8 Plus charging feature, we’ll highlight everything you need to know.

Like 90 percent of the wireless charging able devices on the market, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X use the Qi specification, which uses inductive charging technology. Since Apple has decided to use this standard, there are plenty of third-party charging accessories you can use for your iPhone.

A total of 7.5W of power will transfer to the new iPhones whenever an owner puts it on a wireless charging pad. In comparison, the latest Android smartphones offer 10W charging power. Why did Apple choose weaker charging power? Some people believe it’s for safety reasons while others believe the cost of components was the main factor. According to Menno Treffers, chairman of Wireless Power Consortium, the cost of components rise in tandem with the power level and safety measures become more expensive when the power level increases.

“That is inherent to power electronics,” Treffers said. “There are tradeoffs and we leave it to our members to make their own tradeoffs and optimize for their intended customers. There are many factors that manufacturers take into account, such as what needs they are fulfilling for their customers, but yes cost is one of them.”

The device will charge as fast as it has been configured to receive. For example, if a device has been configured to 5W and the wireless charging pad can deliver 15W, the device will not charge faster than a 5W charger, however, if the device can take more than a 5W charge then it will charge faster on a 15W charge. This means that the iPhone 8 or X will only receive 7.5W of a 15W charge since it has been configured to receive no more than 7.5W.

Apple plans on releasing its own charging pad called AirPower next year which will be able to wirelessly charge up to three devices at the same time, even if the devices are in cases. Computer World did a test and found that the iPhone 8 is able to charge with a thin silicone case on as long as it’s placed on the center of the charger, however, if it is an inch akswed, the iPhone cannot connect to the charger.

All in all, this feature is great for users if they want to charge their phone and cut down on the jungle of wires.

Source: Computer World

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Apple’s New Ad Shows Portrait Lighting On The iPhone 8 Plus

The latest ad for the iPhone 8 Plus shows the different features of Portrait Lighting which can be used on the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple recently released a new advertisement for the iPhone 8 Plus showing the different ways to create studio lighting effects in Portrait Mode. The 38-second ad titled “Portraits Of Her” shows the various Portrait Lighting settings from Studio Light, Natural Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, and Stage Light Mono. It should be noted for advertisement purpose Portrait Lighting is shown as a video, but can only be used for portrait effects.

The Studio Light has the mildest lighting effect out of all settings, the video starts off in Studio Light, and gradually progresses to Natural Light, and Contour Light which both shows a little darker & colorful contrast in the female clothing and the background display as well. The Stage Light gives the effect of creating a darker contrast in lighting effect in the background, and the model in the video clothing has a deep rich tone. The last setting which is the Stage Light Mono, actually only highlights the female model and gives a dark blackout background effect. The Portrait Lighting is still in beta stage at this point.

Source: cnet

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A New App Called Magic Sudoku Solves Puzzles Through AR On Your iPhone

Now that the new iOS 11 is available for the iPhone, the App Store is coming out with more and more ARKit apps, since it now has new capabilities just for that. For instance, this new app called Magic Sudoku, was designed to read and align puzzles through your iPhone’s camera, using real life Sudokus to show answers in AR.

Now since this app goes hand in hand with the new iOS 11’s feature, it’s perfect for anybody who gets stumped by puzzles from time to time and would like help trying to figuring out the answers. However, since this app works entirely with unsolved puzzles, it kind of spoils the whole fun of playing Sudoku in the first place, because then you end up knowing all the answers when it fills it out.

That’s why Brad Dwyer, the developer of the app is currently working out other ways to keep the fun in the game, by adding a hint option instead of the app just telling you all the correct grids. There also seems to be many reported glitches of Magic Sudoku not reading the puzzles/fonts properly when users aim the camera at them, which is something Brad Dwyer is also working on for the next version, along with many other new features to the app.

But if you happen to be curious on how the app still works and solves out paper Sudokus, you can always download it at the App Store, where it’s currently going for $0.99 for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 11.0.

Source: The Verge, App Store

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