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Apple starts testing first betas of iOS 12.1.1, tvOS 12.1.1 & macOS Mojave 10.14.2

Apple has begun testing the minor iOS 12.1.1, tvOS 12.1.1 and macOS Mojave 10.14.2 software updates.

Things Apple should do to make Apple TV a solid gaming console, according to developers

Developers have a lot of ideas on what could make Apple TV a better gaming platform. Some of these ake the device to a new level. What do you think?

What developers say Apple needs to do to make the Apple TV a gaming console

Despite strong hardware and infrastructure for games, it remains niche at best.

Microsoft has ended support for Minecraft for Apple TV over lack of interest

Important news regarding Minecraft for Apple TV as Microsoft said it was “reallocating resources” to more popular platforms. The game still works on your Apple TV, but is no longer being updated or supported. Microsoft was kind enough to offer refunds on any purchases made within the last 90 days.

Apple launches tvOS 12.0.1 for fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV

Apple has released tvOS 12.0.1 for the fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV. The update has a build number of 16J380 and arrives one week after tvOS 12.