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Apple is turning NYT’s interactive feature on climate change into a non-fiction TV series

It’s based on “Losing Earth”, an interactive novelistic article by Nathaniel Rich who conducted more than a hundred interviews and spent more than 18 months researching.

1980s film ‘Time Bandits’ could become new Apple series

Apple’s likely to turn the 1981 Terry Gilliam-directed fantasy film Time Bandits into a TV series. The news was first reported by Deadline.

Watch first episode of Stephen King’s Hulu series ‘Castle Rock’ on TV app for free

The first episode of Stephen King’s highly anticipated “Castle Rock” Hulu series is free to stream through Apple’s TV app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Warner Bros. launches official Westworld simulation game

Warner Bros. has released an official game based on the popular HBO series, “Westworld.” In the simulation game, you become part of the Delos team.

Swagger: Kevin Durant teams up with Brian Grazer on new series for Apple

Apple has just added a new basketball drama series from Kevin Durant’s media company and Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer. The new series, Swagger, will be based on Durant’s time playing basketball in Washington, DC during his childhood.