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TV Shows on Apple TV now sorted by recent episodes

The new Apple TV is now filling the “recent” slots on the home screen’s top shelf and the iTunes TV Shows app’s purchased tab based on the release dates of new episodes. Previously they were filled based on dat of purchase. That meant if you bought a season pass to a new show, then several older shows, the “recent” slots would stay on those older shows, even if new episodes for the previous purchases were released. TL;DR: The new way is significantly better, and if you want the details as to why, go back to the iTunes TV Show section of my Apple TV review. The reason Apple can make changes like this without pushing software updates is because things like top shelf and purchased slots are dynamic and determined on the server-side. That’s how they update when you buy new things, or new content becomes featured. It’s always been one of my favorite things about the Apple TV, and it’s terrific that it remains that way now that tvOS is fully in the picture. Can’t wait to see what Apple …

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Why there’s no wireless charging on the iPhone

TL;DR: Because, physics.

Every once and a while Apple is accused of ignoring wireless charging on the iPhone, or stubbornly refusing to add it. Since the Apple Watch uses wireless charging exclusively, Apple is certainly doing neither in general. So, why isn’t it on iPhone in specific?

The Apple Watch has a glass or sapphire back which not only allows for the heart rate sensor but allows for the wireless charging. Wireless charging through glass or sapphire or plastic has been possible for a long, long time. Aluminum, which Apple switched to with the iPhone 5 in 2012, not so much.

Qualcomm announced technology to handle wireless charging on phones with metal casings, but only very, very recently—July 28, 2015, to be precise.

There are other consideration, of course, but when it comes to understanding why Apple hasn’t used wireless charging in iPhones to date, the existence of the right technologies is certainly a great place to start.

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Extend Your Home Network With This $40 Powerline Kit

Say your wireless router can’t push a strong signal to every corner of your house, or maybe you own some kind of old set top box that needs an ethernet connection, but doesn’t live near the router. A simple powerline adapter is one of your best options for extending a home network, and you can get a great one for just $40 today. [TP-Link AV500 Powerline Starter Kit, $40 after clipping the $5 coupon]

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