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Sneak peek at The Good Place S3 is everything we love about the series

The best sitcom on television returns this month with yet another radical reset.

An Apple TV with coaxial cable port was once created, but never released

The device handled the combination of live and on-demand video, but Apple ultimately chose to abandon the project due to business disagreements with the potential cable partners.

Iron Fist’s second Netflix season mostly lives up to its promising trailer

A much less whiny Danny Rand grapples with the meaning of power in his second season.

Preacher ends third season with a pop, not a bang

The season 3 finale resolved key storylines and set the stage for a possible season 4.

Sarah Jones, Joel Kinnaman & Michael Dorman to star in Apple’s sci-fi drama

Ron Moore’s unnamed, upcoming science-fiction series that he’s been tasked with doing for Apple seems to have begun filling out its main cast.