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Scammers are attempting to con victims into paying back taxes with iTunes gift cards

Spam phone calls just keep getting worse. As the irritating interjections seem to ramp up around the US tax season, scammers are now attempting to collect money via iTunes gift cards. 

Apple plans to pay $38 billion in US taxes to bring overseas cash home

Republican tax bill will save Apple tens of billions in taxes on overseas cash.

Apple will start repaying Ireland the $15.4 billion it owes in back taxes starting early 2018

Apple will start repaying the $15.4 billion it owes Ireland in back taxes early next year.

Apple to Begin Paying Ireland for Billions in Back Taxes ‘Early Next Year’

Apple will begin paying its 13 billion euro ($15.46 billion) Irish tax bill “as soon as early next year.”

Apple agrees to pay over $15 billion to Ireland in back taxes

Despite EU ruling, neither Apple nor Ireland wants the Cupertino company to pay.