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Everything you missed from Nintendo’s September Direct live stream last night

Nintendo Direct roundup

On Wednesday evening, Nintendo hosted its latest Nintendo Direct live stream, highlighting many of the Switch and 3DS games that will launch this fall and through the holidays. Most of the games were known commodities, but there were a few surprises as well, including a release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the reveal of a Mario Party minigame collection and a few surprising ports of popular third-party games.

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Watch today’s Nintendo Direct live for Super Mario Odyssey, Switch and 3DS updates

Nintendo Direct live stream

In one of its longest Nintendo Direct streams of the year so far (45 minutes!), Nintendo will talk about what's next for the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS, while also sharing new details about Super Mario Odyssey. The new Mario game is one of our most anticipated games of the fall, so you know we'll be tuning in.

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There’s no Game Over in the hottest upcoming Nintendo Switch game of 2017

Super Mario Odyssey for Switch

What if there was no Game Over feature in a Super Mario game? Is it even possible? Apparently, the answer is yes, as Nintendo confirmed there won’t be a Game Over state in the hotly anticipated Switch game Super Mario Odyssey.

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Mario’s new tricks make Super Mario Odyssey a joy

Check out the infectious joy as Ars Technica's editors try Super Mario Odyssey for the first time. (video link)

As the kind of Mario fan who created a successful Super Mario Bros. fan site at age 15, I'm pretty familiar with how the series has slowly evolved over the years. It's striking, looking back, how Mario's standard repertoire of moves, abilities, and power-ups grows slowly with each new title, integrating novel gameplay that immediately feels as tried-and-true as Mario's standard jump.

Super Mario Odyssey continues this tradition with a larger-than-normal expansion of Mario's abilities, something that's apparent even in a too-short E3 hands-on demo of the game. I thought I'd summarize my time with Odyssey by going over the additions that made the biggest impression on me.

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You can play ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ right now, sort of

super mario odyssey 64

Nintendo followers are some of the most dedicated on the planet, so it's probably not all that surprising that some diehard Mario fans have already invented a way to quench their insatiable thirst for the no-yet-released Super Mario Odyssey. An all-new mod for the classic adventure platformer Super Mario 64 adds the most game-changing new feature of the upcoming Switch title to a game many have adored for nearly two decades, and it's absolutely glorious.

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