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American Gods may have finally nailed the modern-fantasy formula on TV

AUSTIN, Texas—TV pilots ain't what they used to be, as the Netflix model takes much of the weight off a first episode's shoulders. Series can take their time revealing characters, unfolding plots, or even having much plot take place in a single episode.

Weirdly, the first hour-long episode of Starz' new American Gods series feels like a relic of that older era—in all of the best ways. This is TV built to stun, with equal parts momentum and cautious pauses, and it won't embarrass fans of its source material. The Neil Gaiman novel of the same name has no shortage of mystery, intrigue, and surprise in its first few dozen pages. Starz' take on the book manages to follow its every major plot thread to a satisfying degree, all while setting into motion a solid framework for how we should expect the modern-fantasy epic to unravel.

Vikings soaked in corn-syrup blood

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Apple may offer a premium TV bundle that combines HBO, Showtime, and Starz

If you could subscribe to HBO, Showtime, and Starz without paying separately for each, would you?

Still looking to crack the code on TV, Apple is reportedly working on a premium TV bundle that would include HBO, Showtime, and Starz in a single, subscription-based package.

OK, what's this latest Apple TV rumor all about?

Quoting industry sources, Recode says Apple wants to sell a premium TV bundle that would include HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

Ah, but I can already get HBO, Showtime, and Starz on Apple TV. How's this different?

Right now if you want to get access to that sweet, sweet premium TV content, you've got to subscribe to the premium channels separately. That means you're paying — probably through an iTunes subscription — three separate bills. As Recode notes, that's a monthly subscription of $15 for HBO, $11 for Showtime, and $9 for Starz. This would simplify things with a single monthly cost.

OK, could this mean saving money?

We're only speculating here (remember, this is just according to sources), but if we look at the way many satellite and cable companies offer up premium TV — wherein you get a cumulative discount for each premium TV channel to which you subscribe — we can get a hint at the way Apple would likely price its bundle. It's likely you'd see some cost-saving benefits if you subscribed to the premium TV bundle — it's safe to say it would at least be cheaper than paying for each of them separately.

So when is this premium TV bundle coming?

Who knows? According to Recode, Apple doesn't have the deals in place yet. But cable and satellite providers have been crafting and maintaining agreements for premium TV bundles for quite some time; it's not hard to picture Apple making similar deals.

What say you?

I've always maintained an HBO subscription, but it was rather easy for me to let go of Showtime and Starz. If Apple wanted to let me get them all for a competitive price, I might just be convinced. What about you? Would you subscribe to a premium TV bundle if it meant getting HBO, Showtime, and Starz for one price? Gimme a shout in the comments below or over on Twitter!

Apple may offer HBO, Showtime and Starz in a combined premium TV bundle

Recode reported Sunday that Apple is considering offering a “premium TV bundle” with content from the networks HBO, Showtime and Starz.

As I’m sure you’ll recall, the Cupertino company’s long been rumored to have been interested in creating a $30-$40 per month skinny bundle of top TV programming from multiple content owners.

While App Store offers apps from each of those channels individually, Apple has reportedly approached the three networks about rolling them up into a single package, as conventional pay TV operators sometimes do.... Read the rest of this post here

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Starz enters streaming world with its own $9/month subscription service

(credit: Starz)

Yet another premium channel has jumped into the streaming game. Starz has announced that it will provide video streaming through its new standalone Starz app for Android and iOS. The service will provide access to over 2,400 show and movie titles, including the channel's original series Outlander and the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

According to the announcement, the Starz app will allow up to four users to simultaneously watch videos from the same account. Those who don't already have Starz will pay $8.99 per month, but those who pay for Starz as part of a cable package can access the app and its features for free by using their cable credentials. The price is fairly aggressive considering HBO charges $14.99 per month for HBO Now, and Netflix is now up to the same $9 per month price.

This is good news for cord cutters who are seeking more à la carte channel options. However, none of the premium channel subscription services have been around long enough for us to assess their success. Back in February, HBO revealed that it has amassed just 800,000 subscribers for HBO Now. That might have to do with its higher price tag or may be due to its content offerings: many older HBO shows like The Sopranos are available via Amazon Prime video. Starz programming is also available through Prime video, but as an add-on subscription.

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App Of The Day: Starz – Now Playing For $8.99/Month


STARZFreeDo you remember when HBO took the stage at the Apple Watch event to announce the upcoming launch of HBO Now? It was the beginning of a new wave of programming options for you, allowing you to simply pay the broadcaster directly a monthly fee without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. Today, Starz followed up the release of the HBO Now app, and the Showtime app, with the all new Starz app. The Starz app already exists, but that app is designed to let you login with your TV provider credentials, while the new app update offers a stand alone service that you pay directly.

Starz launches today for $8.99/month, as compared to $10.99/month for Showtime, and $14.99/month for HBO Now. The Starz app offers a very similar feature set to HBO Now and Showtime allowing you to watch brand new episodes of original shows, as well as watch movies that air on Starz, Encore, and Movieplex. Starz offers shows like Black Sails and Outlanders, and has a connection with Disney for movies including Avengers 2 currently, and Star Wars The Force Awakens later this year. One distinguisher for Starz is that you can download anything for offline viewing, but they don’t allow live streaming like HBO and Showtime. Starz is also now available for the 4th generation Apple TV, and that includes compatibility with universal search through Siri.

Starz (Free, Universal) gives you a brand new video streaming choice for your iOS device that doesn’t need a cable or satellite subscription.

Free, Universal

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