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LG bets $8.7 billion you’ll want a TV with rich OLED colors – CNET

TVs with OLED display technology remain rare, but the South Korean company expects a gargantuan new manufacturing plant will help spread the technology in coming years.

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LG’s new $8.7 billion OLED plant may be anticipating new iPhones

After showing off a range of OLED TVs at this year’s CES, LG reaffirmed its commitment to OLED technology again today — LG Display will spend more than 10 trillion won ($8.71 billion) to build a factory that will produce OLED panels in the South Korean city of Paju, to open in the first half of 2018.

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LG restructures leadership after smartphone slump – CNET

The South Korean company is hoping to breathe new life into its various businesses by giving them more autonomy.

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Facebook touts the strength of its developer tools

Facebook is tooting the horns of its various developer tools by sharing how DoubleU Games, a South Korean developer, used them to learn more about Facebook users who play in the virtual casino of its flagship DoubleU Casino.

A case study provided exclusively to Gigaom shows that DoubleU Games used Facebook’s log-in feature to make it easy for people to sign up for DoubleU Casino; used App Install Ads to promote the game; and used the Analytics for Apps tools introduced in March to learn more about how the game is played.

Facebook claims the audience gained from App Ads now represents 80 percent of DoubleU Casino’s desktop revenue. The company behind the virtual casino found that most of its users (80 percent) sign in to the app with Facebook’s login feature. It also used the social network to drive increasing traffic to the game.

Other case studies have been used to drive home the same point: Facebook’s attempts to woo the developer community with new tools are working. Given the rocky past the company had with developers, especially those working on games that went viral before fading into obscurity, that might be a tough line to sell.

Just look to the cautionary tale of Zynga. That company used Facebook’s network to make games like “FarmVille” the darling of the social games market. Then, Facebook made it harder for the company to spam users with messages about their virtual farms, and “FarmVille” became a pale vision of its past glory.

Zynga’s fall makes it hard to believe that other companies can find lasting success on Facebook. That’s a hell of a counterpoint to case studies like this: Facebook could’ve written something similar about Zynga’s past successes, but that would only describe the highs it reached before it came crashing down.

Still, it’s clear that Facebook wants to earn back the trust of developers who can build things for its apps. (This is especially tru for App Instal ads, which Zuckerberg has long touted as a big deal for the company.) Sometimes that manifests as the addition of an app platform to Facebook’s increasingly popular Messenger service; otherwise it crops up as tools like Analytics for Apps, which debuted around the same time.

Then it writes up case studies like this to show that, at least for a while, these tools can make a real difference for developers. That certainly appears to be the case for DoubleU Games: Facebook’s tools helped the company find more users, keep them engaged, and figure out how it could squeeze more money out of ’em.

The trick is for these companies to use all these tools to support a lasting business. Until then we can’t be sure these case studies are capturing more than a snapshot of companies that are cresting the peak of their success. So, sure, look to DoubleU Games to see what Facebook can do. Just remember Zynga, too.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 may be cheaper than Galaxy S6

The South Korean mobile phone maker may try to better compete with its low-cost rivals on price, judging by a China-based analyst’s prediction.

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