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Hyundai to Offer CarPlay in Sonata in Early 2016


Hyundai will offer CarPlay in its 2016 Sonata sometime in the first quarter of 2016, says a report today from the Detroit Free Press.

Hyundai set to bring CarPlay to select cars early next year after delay

While Hyundai was one of the first major car brands to promise CarPlay in its vehicles as a selling point nearly two years ago, the automaker so far hasn’t actually shipped the update to add the feature it promised to customers. Compare that to Pioneer’s CarPlay support announced around the same time which brought the iPhone-based infotainment feature to […]

Hyundai Launching CarPlay in Sonata in First Quarter of 2016

Hyundai has confirmed that CarPlay will launch in the 2016 Sonata in the first quarter of next year, per the Detroit Free Press. The carmaker will reportedly sell an SD card with new software to get the system for an undisclosed price.

The report do…