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Series 4 watches sport a much improved Digital Crown with built-in ECG & haptic feedback

Not only does an enhanced Digital Crown in the new Apple Watch Series 4 provide subtle haptic feedback when turned, it now doubles as a sophisticated electrical heart sensor that can take reach electrocardiograms of your heart.

How to use the True Tone display feature on your MacBook Pro to reduce eyestrain

Here’s how to take advantage of True Tone technology in 2018’s MacBook Pros to make images on the Retina display and Touch Bar appear more natural and reduce eyestrain.

Sticking to your diet? This tooth-mounted food sensor could transmit the truth

The device can transmit data on sugar, salt, and alcohol.

Bloomberg: 2019 iPhones to add rear 3D sensor for better augmented reality features

Adding a specialized sensor to the rear camera would aid in depth mapping, augmented reality features and more.

Here’s how Google Pixel 2’s Active Edge sensors work

Active Edge, the signature feature of Google’s Pixel 2 flagship, takes advantage of deformation-sensitive resistors that slightly change their resistance when stretched or squished.