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Spectre, Meltdown researchers unveil 7 more speculative execution attacks

Systemic analysis reveals a range of new issues and a need for new mitigations.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update is back, this time without deleting your data

Microsoft is opening up about some of its testing procedures, too.

Sources say locked Apple ID accounts have nothing to do with a software bug

An unknown number of customers have been locked out of their Apple IDs for security reasons. Sources inside Apple claim this has nothing to do with a software bug on their end.

Pwn20wnd releases re-written Osiris jailbreak for developers and other advanced users

The developer-centric Osiris jailbreak has been completely re-written and re-released by renowned iOS hacker and unc0ver creator Pwn20wnd.

If you aren’t already jailbroken, stay on the lowest possible firmware and avoid updates

If you’re rocking an unjailbreakable firmware and don’t know whether to stay where you are or to upgrade to a newer version of iOS, then this piece encompasses everything you need to know.