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Stunning collection of 1,500 screenshots detailing every macOS release since 2000

See how the Mac user interface, called Aqua, has evolved from the earliest days of lickable buttons, gloss and pinstripes to the more subdued brushed metal look to the skeuomorphic days to the iOS 7-style flattening and today’s translucent appearance. Do yourself a favor and check out this awesome collection for a trip down memory lane.

How to take Mac screenshots and capture screen recordings in macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave consolidates taking screenshots, capturing video recordings and changing related settings in a cool new floating interface with handy on-screen controls and other useful shortcuts. Here’s totally everything you need to know to master these enhanced capabilities in Mojave and take the screen capturing game on your Mac to the next level.

13 Ways to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Capturing a screen, taking a screenshot, or in PC talk, printscreening are different terms for the same desired outcome. macOS and OS X both allow for at least 13 ways to take a screenshot. In the guide below, we’ll cover the most common ways to …

How to take screenshots or screencasts of your Apple TV wirelessly

With tvOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, you can effortlessly take a screenshot of your Apple TV through your Mac, no cable required whatsoever, and here’s how.

How to quickly edit screenshots on iPhone and iPad with Instant Markup

You can instantly annotate almost anything in iOS, including any screenshot you take. Right after capturing a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad, you can immediately add text, crop out unwanted parts, highlight specific areas and more.