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Tesla’s most credible rival raises $1 billion from Saudi Arabia

Lucid’s impressive technology has been held back by a cash shortage.

Elon Musk’s mystery Tesla buyout funder is Saudi Arabia

The Saudis have been seeking to fund a Tesla buyout since early 2017, Musk says.

Saudi Arabian fossil find puts finger on the story of human dispersal

The finger bone is the oldest directly dated human fossil outside Africa and the Levant.

Saudi Prince Meets Tim Cook at Apple Park to Discuss Education and App Development Opportunities

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Tim Cook and other top Apple executives on Saturday at the company’s new Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino to discuss app development, education, and other partnership opportunities (via Saudi…

Apple Holding Discussions With Saudi Arabian Government to Open Retail Store in 2019

Apple could debut its first retail location within Saudi Arabia as soon as 2019, thanks to the government’s current push towards a “high-tech look” for the country. Reuters reports today that officials in Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh — including C…