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Samsung continues to mock Apple’s ‘courage’ in three new commercials

As Galaxy S9 sales continue to fall precipitously, Samsung is looking for ways to attract a larger audience. And while it may be the oldest trick in the book, the South Korean conglomerate has decided to once again poke fun at Apple in a new series of “Ingenius” advertisements, mocking the iPhone for features it doesn’t have.

Similar to the “Speed” ad that was shared on Samsung’s YouTube channel earlier this week, the three new ads show potential iPhone owners visiting Apple retail stores and asking employees at the Genius Bar about different aspects of the iPhone. As you might expect from a Samsung commercial, the features that the customers ask about either don’t exist on the iPhone or are thought to be better on the recently released Galaxy S9.

In the first of the new ads, a customer wants to know if the camera on the iPhone X is better than of the Galaxy S9. You may recall that  DxOMark gave the Galaxy S9+ a higher rating than the iPhone X in March — in fact, it was the highest score ever at the time. The Apple Genius is not phased, but doesn’t have a great answer:


The next customer wants to know if he’ll be able to plug his headphones into the iPhone X. The Genius explains that he will with an adapter (aka “a dongle”), at which point the conversation becomes very uncomfortable:


The third and final customer wants to know why the iPhone X doesn’t come with a fast charger like the Galaxy S9. The Genius tells her to just buy a USB-C to Lightning cable and a fast charging adapter. That said, multiple reports have suggested that Apple will include a fast charger in the box with its 2018 iPhones:


New leak gives us our best look yet at a Galaxy Note 9 prototype

The Galaxy Note 9 is just a few short weeks away, but there aren’t likely to be any surprises left. When it comes to specs, the Note 9 will pack the same hardware as the Galaxy S9. Just add a redesigned S Pen stylus to that, and you get a Note handset. Maybe that’s why Samsung is considering merging the Note and S Plus lines in the future.

As for the design, the new Note will look a lot like the old Note when it comes to overall design, although there is one significant change worth noting: the rear camera. And a new leak gives us our best look at the actual handset. A few days ago, alleged Galaxy Note 9 press renders also leaked.

Instagram user lajotatech posted a collage of two images that show the front and rear sides of a Galaxy Note 9 prototype. From the looks of it, this is a Note 9 prototype that was somehow photographed in the wild. A similar unit was spotted a few days ago, but the new images provide more details:

The first image shows a phone with the screen turned on, and with the About Phone section of the Settings app showing the model number of the handset, SM-N960U, which we saw in plenty of other leaks. It sure looks like a phone with an Infinity Display design, complete with curved edges and a small top bezel.

The second photo is where things get interesting as it gives us our best look at the new camera setup for the handset. The Galaxy Note 9 will have a dual-lens camera on the back just like its predecessor, but the fingerprint sensor won’t be placed on the right side of the camera module. Instead, it’ll be found right under the camera, just like on the Galaxy S9 phones.

Unlike the Galaxy S9+, which has a vertical dual camera setup, the Note 9 will retain the horizontal camera introduced by its predecessor. That’s because Samsung is rumored to pack a much bigger battery inside, and the horizontal orientation of the camera helps make room for the battery.

Samsung will debut the Galaxy Note 9 at an Unpacked event in New York City on August 9th.