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Samsung may be working on a foldable tablet, in addition to its foldable phone

At this point, Samsung apparently just wants to fold all the things.

In all seriousness, the South Korea-based tech giant sees enough promise in bringing the foldable form factor to multiple mobile devices that it’s begun taking more than one serious stab in this direction. The Galaxy F, of course, being the much-hyped first foldable phone that’s on the way from the company in March, and a new patent also suggests the largest smartphone maker in the world apparently wants foldable tablets to be a thing, too.

Per a Phone Arena post, the device would include a large display and a design that’s based on two hinges that divide the tablet’s front panel into three sections. When you unfold it, the device looks like a normal tablet, but if you prefer a smaller version of the display, you can simply fold the display’s left side behind the rest. That, according to the report, deactivates the relevant portion of the panel while leaving the others active.

“In an alternative move to these two options,” the report continues, “if users are looking for a smartphone-sized package in any given moment, the right side of the display (which also contains the rear camera) can be folded over. All users then need to do is flip the device over and use the area of the display that is visible.”
It’s not at all a guarantee, of course, that Samsung will ever move forward with such a product. It’s possible the company will want to wait and see what the market reaction to its coming foldable phone looks like before rolling out a tablet that folds. Regarding the phone, as we reported at the beginning of the week, Samsung is going to start with an initial production of at least 1 million units. The company might make more, depending on customer reaction, which presumably would also feed into any decision around whether to proceed with a foldable tablet.
As a reminder, Samsung is expected to show off the foldable phone at Mobile World Congress in February, ahead of an official launch in March. And it’s expected to cost around 2 million won, or about $1,770.

Trustworthy leaker says Galaxy S10 will have an exciting ‘punch hole’ screen design

The Galaxy S10 is several months away if recent reports are to be believed, but we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Samsung next February. The Galaxy S10 will come in three versions, complete with new designs and brand new features, including new tricks that aren’t available on some of the latest flagships.

A source with a great track record has also just posted details about the upcoming Galaxy S flagship, seemingly confirming what we already think we know about the Galaxy S10 models.

Well-known Samsung insider Ice Universe has been delivering details about the Galaxy S10 for a few months, but Evan Blass has joined in, sharing what he knows about the new phone as well:

In a tweet, the leaker said the Galaxy S10 would feature a “punch hole” style selfie camera cutout on the front, which sounds a lot like the Infinity-O display that Samsung introduced last week at its developer conference. What’s interesting about this design is that it would allow Samsung to “kill” the notch, and replace it with something a lot smaller. Top and bottom bezels could be reduced even further, or removed entirely.

We already saw in concept images how exciting such a design might be.

That said, the design does come with a couple of caveats. First of all, the phone won’t do Face ID-like facial recognition, which needs a sophisticated array of cameras and sensors at the top. That’s why the iPhone X phones have rather large notches. Secondly, something that Blass also observed, the hole may pose some problems when it comes to overall user experience. The notifications shade is one example where the cutout might overlap with text, but there may be other cases where Samsung will have to address potential in-app issues.

Blass also says the phone will feature an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, something we’ve heard many times in recent months. That’s the kind of in-display technology that’s not available from any of Samsung’s rivals right now, which use optical sensors inside the display.

The phone will have three rear-facing cameras, Blass added, including standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. Samsung is hardly going to be the first company to make triple-camera phones, but this will be the first time a Galaxy S handset gets one.

Finally, Blass said the Galaxy S10 would run Android Pie out of the box with One UI on top. That’s the kind of detail we don’t need leakers for. Samsung’s next flagship will surely run Google’s latest operating system, and the UI that Samsung just unveiled at SDC18 is a natural fit for the company’s next phone.

As for that other leaker who keeps spoiling Samsung secrets, he seems to very much agree with Blass.

This might be our best look yet at the Galaxy S10’s stunning design

Three Galaxy S10 versions are in the works for next years, various reports have claimed over the past few months, including a cheaper version that would compete against “Lite” flagships from other Android vendors, and two premium models, including a high-end phone that’ll pack more cameras than ever. By all accounts, the Galaxy S10+ should be a more exciting upgrade than this year’s Galaxy S9+, and now we have a pretty good idea of what it may look like as well as new concept renders for the upcoming Samsung flagship series.

Samsung last week unveiled its next-gen Infinity-branded displays, including the Infinity-O screen. That’s the kind of display that fits an almost perfect all-screen phone, featuring a camera hole at the top. Earlier reports and Samsung’s teasers suggested that phones like the Galaxy A8s and the Galaxy S10 will get Infinity-O phones soon.

Well-known Samsung leaker Ice Universe said on Twitter that the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ should both feature Infinity-O screens, but the Galaxy S10 Lite won’t get one.

A different leaker, who usually comes up with designs based on rumors, created the following renders showing different variations of Infinity-O screens when it comes to the selfie camera placement.

The same Ben Geskin also made a Galaxy S10 concept featuring a New Infinity screen that’s also in the works at Samsung Display. But that kind of screen is still in early development, according to a previous report from the same Ice Universe, and the technology that would all smartphone vendors to place cameras under the display is far from being ready for prime time.

Reports from Korea said earlier this week that the Galaxy S10 would be launched in February, followed by the Galaxy F foldable handset in March.

Samsung’s Black Friday deals revealed: Deals on Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, TVs, and more

If you’re shopping for Samsung gear this holiday season like the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 smartphones, gorgeous Samsung TVs, Samsung PCs, or even accessories, then you should definitely check out Samsung’s Black Friday sale, which is already available online. All of the details were announced on Monday and while some of the bargains are mediocre, there are definitely a bunch of killer deals to be found.

Samsung posted its full Black Friday ad well ahead of the shopping event, and the best part about it is that its sales start much earlier than Black Friday or even Thanksgiving day. Here are some of Samsung’s discounts:


Smartphones and Tablets



Laptops and Desktops

Remember to browse the full set of offers at this link, because there are plenty more deals to be found.

New video shows off the foldable Samsung Galaxy F of your dreams

Samsung’s next big flagship smartphone launch will take place early next year, when the company unveils the new Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and a third lower-cost Galaxy S10 model. The new Galaxy S10 trio is expected to debut this coming February at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show, which is scheduled to take place from February 25th through March 1st in Barcelona, Spain. With that announcement timing in mind, it’s likely that Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 phones could be released as soon as mid-March, which is now just four months away. But there’s another new Android flagship that Samsung is set to release next year that has been taking attention away from the Galaxy S10 lately.

The foldable Samsung Galaxy F smartphone was first previewed last week at SDC 2018, Samsung’s developer conference. It might seem odd to preview a new upcoming smartphone long before its official unveiling, but there is a method to Samsung’s madness. The Galaxy F and other future folding phones from Samsung will have a special new interface and several unique features that make use of all the extra space a folding phone affords. Samsung needs to get developers on board so that there are good apps that make use of the new UI at launch.

While Samsung did give us a preview of prototype Galaxy F hardware, the phone’s final design is still a mystery. If it ends up looking anything like the device pictured in this new concept video, however, it might actually be well worth its rumored $1,700 price tag.

YouTube user Concept Creator is known for taking leaks and rumors surrounding unreleased smartphones and using them to visualize the devices in 3D. He does it all the time, and he typically waits until there’s enough leaked information to give an accurate representation of an upcoming smartphone. In the case of the Galaxy F, however, he decided to take some liberties and render a foldable phone design that will likely end up being far more appealing than the real Galaxy F set to be unveiled next year in the first or second quarter.

As a first-generation phone that introduces a bunch of early tech, the design of the Galaxy F could end up being a bit rough around the edges. The large folding AMOLED screen inside the phone and the smaller AMOLED screen on the outside of the phone are both expected to have large bezels around them, but the concept pictured in the video below shows a modern all-screen design. It looks incredible, but we’re likely three or four years away from seeing something like this become a reality. It’s still fun to look at though, and you can check it out in the video below.

The latest rumors suggest that the Galaxy F will be fully unveiled in late March after the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are released. We’ll undoubtedly see the final design leak long before then, and hopefully the finished product ends up at least looking a little something like the sleek smartphone pictured in the video above.