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Is Samsung going to launch the bendable Galaxy X phone soon?

Galaxy X Release Date

Samsung will launch a Galaxy X in the near future, many people joked once the Apple’s iPhone X became official. And that seems to be true. Samsung may unveil the Galaxy X sooner than we would have thought, a new report appears to indicate. But Samsung won’t just copy the iPhone X’s name and notch.

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We need this stunning Galaxy S9 concept to be real

Galaxy S9 Release Date

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy Note 8 was officially released this past Friday, and it's by far the best smartphone Samsung has ever made. You can read our in-depth Galaxy Note 8 review to learn more about it, but it's pretty much a guaranteed success as long as it doesn't start spontaneously exploding. From the design and display to the power and performance, the Galaxy Note 8 is as good as it gets for an Android flagship phone. Of course, now that it's out, our attention is slowly turning to the future.

Samsung's next flagship phones will be the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, which rumors suggest are slated to launch a bit earlier next year than the S8 and S8+ did in 2017. That means we might be just five months away from seeing Samsung's Galaxy S9 become official. It can't hurt to dream in the meantime, and a new concept we just came across may indeed be the Galaxy S9 of our dreams.

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The iPhone 8 makes the Galaxy Note 8’s price seem even more absurd

Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X

Before Apple unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last week, Samsung’s $930 price for the Galaxy Note 8 seemed perfectly acceptable. It’s still more expensive than any smartphone to date, but it seemed in line with what’s expected from a 2017 iPhone rival made by Samsung. But now that Apple unveiled the prices for all three 2017 iPhones, the Galaxy Note 8’s price seems like one huge gimmick.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S9 might feature a 1,000 frame-per-second camera sensor

Galaxy S9 leak: Camera

The iPhone X leaks may have come to an end last week when Apple officially unveiled the phone on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater, but the Galaxy S9 leaks have only just begun. On Sunday, ETNews published an article citing industry sources claiming that the next flagship phone from Samsung will feature a camera capable of shooting video at 1,000 frames per second, rivaling the cameras on Sony's latest phones.

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Samsung is finally letting Galaxy S8 owners disable the Bixby button

Samsung Galaxy S8

As impressed as we were with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ at launch, we couldn't help but question Samsung's decision to put a dedicated Bixby button on the side of the phones. Bixby was meant to be Samsung's answer to Google Assistant, but until recently, Bixby Voice wasn't even accessible to S8 owners outside of South Korea. But now, just six months after the S8's launch, Samsung is already walking back its Bixby plans.

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