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Bloomberg: Apple is building its own micro-LED displays at a secret plant in California

Apple is reportedly designing and producing its own screens for future devices at a secret manufacturing facility in California, based on the emerging micro-LED display technology.... Read the rest of this post here

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Leaked Video: Could This Be The iPhone SE 2?

A new leak has popped up of the much-anticipated iPhone SE 2. The leaked images and video show the design of the device and what features it might sport.

For those who are looking for an affordable phone with great specs should definitely consider the iPhone SE. Apple first released the device back in 2016 to cater towards those who wanted a smaller device and great specs but without the hefty price tag. Ever since the device was released, it’s been a hit among consumers. Now the big question is… When is the next iPhone SE coming out?

According to the latest rumors, a video was released showing what could be the iPhone SE 2, which looks like a smaller version of the iPhone X. BGR reports that the iPhone SE won’t have a home button nor headphone jack but it will sport Face ID and the notch at the top of the device. As for the wraps on the device, it seems as if Apple will go with aluminum wraps for the iPhone SE 2 rather than the stainless steel wraps found on the iPhone X. This could be a move to keep the cost down for the consumers.

It’s speculated that we could see the iPhone SE 2 during the second half of this year, but it’s best to take these rumors and leaks with a grain of salt since Apple has yet to announce anything. To read the entire article, head over to BGR’s website.

Photo credit: BGR

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‘GrayKey’ iPhone Unlocking Box Used by Law Enforcement Shown Off in Photos

Last week, news of a previously-unknown iPhone unlocking device called GrayKey surfaced, and today, MalwareBytes shared photos and additional information about the product, which is designed for law enforcement officials.

Created by a company named Grayshift, GrayKey is a small, portable gray box equipped with dual Lightning cables.

Two iPhones can be connected to the GrayKey at once, and need to be connected for about two minutes to install proprietary software that's designed to guess the passcode for an iPhone. Once the software is installed, it will work to crack the passcode, a process that can take as little as a few hours for a short passcode or several days for a longer six-digit passcode.

Once the GrayKey software has cracked the passcode, it'll be displayed right on the screen of the iPhone. The iPhone can then be plugged back into the GrayKey to download all of the data on the iPhone, including the unencrypted contents of the Keychain, which can then be accessed using a computer.

Based on screenshots, the GrayKey can crack modern iPhones running modern versions of iOS. It works with the iPhone X and iOS 11.2.5, the version of iOS that was likely available when the screenshots were captured. It probably also works with iOS 11.2.6, unless Apple has managed to block it in the latest operating system update.

Grayshift presumably designed the GrayKey for law enforcement professionals, and it's relatively expensive. A $15,000 option requires internet connectivity and is geofenced to a specific location once set up, while a $30,000 option requires no internet connection and can be used anywhere.

MalwareBytes worries that the portable version of the GrayKey could easily fall into the wrong hands. It uses two-factor authentication, but given that people "often write passwords on stickies and put them on their monitors," it's possible the token could be kept in the same location as the device.
What happens if the GrayKey becomes commonplace in law enforcement? The cheaper model isn't much of a danger if stolen--unless it's stolen prior to setup--but at 4″x 4″x 2″, the unlimited model could be pocketed fairly easily, along with its token, if stored nearby. Once off-site, it would continue to work. Such a device could fetch a high price on the black market, giving thieves the ability to unlock and resell stolen phones, as well as access to the high-value data on those phones.
How the GrayKey works is not known, but it's believed to be using some sort of jailbreaking process that could damage iPhones in some way. It's also not known how the GrayKey device itself is protecting data that's stored on it, and whether or not the data could be remotely accessed by hackers.

It's also unknown who Grayshift is selling the devices to. It's possible that sales are limited to law enforcement officials in the United States, but it's also possible that it's being offered abroad. Other devices of this type have slipped out of the hands of law enforcement and have become widely available, so the same could happen with the GrayKey.

Apple is continually working to fix the kinds of exploits used by devices like the GrayKey, so it's possible whatever mechanism the box uses will be fixed in a future update. The average iPhone owner likely doesn't need to worry about the GrayKey, but as MalwareBytes points out, it is troublesome knowing such a device could fall into the hands of malicious entities.

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Apple Adds New ‘Families’ Section to its Website With Tips for Parents

In the wake of urging from investors to do more about smartphone addiction among children, Apple has added a new "Families" section to its website that outlines parental control tools and information that parents should be aware of.

The mini site is broken into several sections that highlight a range of kid-friendly features that Apple has put into place like app recommendations, in-app purchase controls, restrictions on apps that can be downloaded, internet limiting tools, Find My Friends, and more.

Apple highlights the Kids section of the App Store, for example, which the company says parents can use to find carefully curated content that's appropriate for children. The site provides links to tutorials for enabling Ask to Buy so parents can approve app downloads, and it lets parents know how to turn on restrictions to limit in-app purchases and which websites are available to children.

Another section of the site points out tools like Find My Friends for keeping track of a child's location, and recommends setting up group chat for the whole family in Messages.

Apple also provides details on Family Sharing, which is designed to let members of the same family share apps, music, books, iCloud storage, and more, and there's a section on tips for the whole family, with feature recommendations like Do Not Disturb While Driving, Bedtime, Medical ID, Night Shift, and Emergency SOS.

Apple also recommends products like the Apple Watch with LTE connectivity to "reach kids in an emergency" and to help the whole family stay fit, and there's a dedicated section on privacy controls. Parents who have children that use iOS devices will likely want to give the new site a look.

Apple has promised to introduce more robust parental control tools, and rumors have suggested the company will introduce the features in iOS 12. Apple is said to be planning to debut a Digital Health tool that will let parents know how much time their children have spent using iOS devices.
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Apple Might Release Two New Versions Of The AirPods This Year

Reports state that Apple might release two new AirPods, one with noise cancellation, and the other one water-resistant. 

The latest report regarding Apple’s AirPod wireless earbuds has it that Apple is currently working on two new versions of the AirPod. It seems the company plans to release one model in 2018, and the second one in 2019.

The first new AirPod model is said to be released with Apple’s fall line in September, the wireless earbuds will have a noise cancellation feature, and a hands-free Siri integration feature as well, which will allow the user to summon the AI just by saying the famous words “Hey Siri.”  Talk also states that Apple will have a new upgraded wireless chip to improve the Bluetooth connectivity.

The second AirPod model is said to be released sometime in 2019, this wireless earbud version will be waterproof. The AirPod is said it will be able to survive splashes of water, as well as rain.

Source: Cnet, Fastcompany

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