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Judge shortage in Ireland delays ruling on Athenry Apple data center location controversy

Once thought to reach a conclusion on June 23, the appeal hearing opposing Apple’s Athenry, Ireland efforts has been delayed because of a lack of judges able to hear the case.

Pirate Bay may finally be sunk after EU copyright ruling

Can be found liable for infringement, even if it doesn’t host any content itself.

Federal Court Rules Police Can’t Compel FingerPrint Unlocks for All Devices in a Particular Building

A U.S. federal court in Illinois has ruled that police can’t use warrants to demand that fingerprint unlocks be provided for all devices in a particular building.

U.S. Appeals Court Says No Warrant Needed to Obtain Location Data from Carriers


A United States appeals court ruled on Tuesday that law enforcement officials are not required to obtain a warrant to get access to a cellphone’s location data, as long as they obtain it from the wireless carrier.