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Ars on your lunch break: Transforming citizens into scientists with satellites

Sarah Parcak’s GlobalXplorer lets you be Lara Croft from your living room.

Ars on your lunch break: Finding Pharaoh and spotting looters from orbit

Astroarchaeologist Sarah Parcak on how to spot the tell-tale signs of tomb robbing.

Ars Lunch Break: Spying out ancient ruins on Earth from space

Astroarchaeologist Sarah Parcak on using futuristic tools to peer into the past.

Ars on your lunch break: How to survive competing with China

Our talk with Chris Anderson wraps with a nuanced look at China as a competitive force.

Ars on your lunch break: What happens when China curb-stomps your startup

3D Robotics co-founder Chris Anderson on open source hardware and the price of competition.