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Apple is once again the largest wearables manufacturer

Thanks in large part to the new Apple Watch Series 3, Apple has regained the top spot for maker of wearables in Q3 2017.

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Apple calls report of reduced iPhone X Face ID specs “completely false”


Apple lowered the specifications for the components that make up the iPhone X’s Face ID sensor to help its supply chain manufacture the upcoming phone faster, according to a new Bloomberg report, but Apple has publicly denied the report.

The report generally highlights the struggles with Apple’s new facial recognition system during the iPhone X manufacturing process. It says the company gave its suppliers the okay to reduce the accuracy of Face ID to speed up production sometime in “early fall.”

The report does not specify how Apple may have reduced the specifications for Face ID or whether the alleged reduction would have any tangible effect for consumers. Apple said that Face ID’s accuracy was 1,000,000:1 when it unveiled the iPhone X in September, well above the one-in-50,000 chance that a user could unlock someone else’s iPhone using the company’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The report says Face ID will “probably still be far more accurate than Touch ID,” even with a downgrade.

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Apple set open applications for new “Lead” and “Schedule Planner” retail positions, report says

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Apple is reportedly adding two new jobs to its retail roster in the "Lead," an assistant manager type role, and "Schedule Planner" positions.

Apple no longer accepting VPN-based ad blockers to App Store, report says

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Apple is reportedly limiting App Store distribution of VPN/root certificate-based ad blockers capable of blocking adds in other third-party apps, and will instead support only first-party content blockers offered through Safari.

iPhone 8 rumors: Frickin laser beams in the frickin camera?!

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