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Apple wants to improve power transfer systems used in electric vehicles

A recently published patent application suggests Apple is hard at work on developing high-voltage battery power converters for electronic cars.

Apple autonomous vehicle involved in California accident

One of Apple’s self-driving Lexus SUVs was involved in an accident in Cupertino, California on Aug. 24. The car was rear-ended by a Nissan Leaf.

Apple’s focused on seating sensors and sunroof improvements in new automobile patents

Two recently approved U.S. patents are shining new light on Apple’s long-gestating and secretive automotive initiative, Project Titan.

CNBC claims ‘scores’ of Tesla employees are leaving and heading to Apple

A new report says “scores” of Tesla employees are heading to Apple. Is this another sign that Apple’s Project Titan is again focused on building a real car?

Doug Field leaves Tesla and returning to Apple to work on Project Titan

A former Apple vice president is leaving Tesla to work on Cupertino’s long-secretive “Project Titan” automotive initiative.