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Here’s how Apple will salvage precious user data from problematic T2-enabled Macs

It may come as a relief to you learning that recent Mac models which rock Apple’s T2 cryptographic coprocessor don’t need a special SSD connector on the logic board to facilitate the data recovery process.

LendMyPhone brings Guest Mode-like functionality to iOS 11

With LendMyPhone, you can lend your handset to Guest Users with peace of mind.

Microsoft Authenticator gains watch app

Approving secure sign-in notifications from your wrist couldn’t be easier with Microsoft’s newly released Authenticator app for your Apple Watch.

NSA metadata program “consistent” with Fourth Amendment, Kavanaugh once argued

Supreme Court nominee discussed notable surveillance cases during Friday testimony.

Dozens of iOS apps caught quietly selling localization data to marketing firms

Some popular iPhone apps are collecting user location data and giving it to third-party monetization firms. These are mostly weather and fitness apps.