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AT&T CEO: State net neutrality and privacy laws are a “total disaster”

AT&T’s proposed law would ban blocking and throttling, allow paid prioritization.

Sources say locked Apple ID accounts have nothing to do with a software bug

An unknown number of customers have been locked out of their Apple IDs for security reasons. Sources inside Apple claim this has nothing to do with a software bug on their end.

Here’s a Surprise: Facebook Failed to Monitor Partners’ Handling of User Data

Facebook apparently failed to properly monitor device makers’ handling of the access they  granted to the personal data of millions of the social network’s users.Read More…

Proposed data privacy law could send company execs to prison for 20 years

Privacy law would let consumers opt out of data sharing.

iOS 12.1 has fixed a nasty Lock screen bypass that exposed your photos

iOS 12.1 has fixed a dangerous exploit, that you probably didn’t know existed, which allowed an attacker to view photos on a locked device and send them to anyone with ease.