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Let’s Talk iOS 262: The vision starts becoming clear

Believe it or not, Cody finally got an Apple Watch Series 4 and he shares his initial thoughts with us (spoiler alert: it’s very positive). The other good news is that Apple finally sent out invitations for an event where the company will most definitely unveil a new iPad Pro. We talk about it all.

Let’s Talk iOS 261: Oktoberfest event

Cody and Sebastien talk about what using third-party Apple Watch faces would be like, and why Apple hasn’t made this happen yet. The two co-hosts also discuss iPad Pro rumors, and what could motivate them to use an iPad for serious work.

Let’s Talk iOS 260: Don’t text Mom!

Cody puts Sebastien on the spot for an impromptu giveaway. Sebastien puts Cody on the spot about buying an Apple Watch Series 4. Both share their top use cases for Apple Watch, they talk about a strange possible fix for excessive battery drain on iOS 12, and their favorite Siri Shortcuts.

Ars on your lunch break: Nothing is real except for object impermanence

UC Irvine psychologist Dan Hoffman explains how there really is no spoon.

Let’s Talk iOS 259: It’s another story

Now that they’ve had some decent hands-on time with both iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4, Cody and Sebastien share more feedback about what they like and dislike about the devices.