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Moment Released A New Wide Lens For The iPhone

Made from premium cinema grade glass and precise optics, the Moment’s new wide lens for the iPhone, is the perfect lens to really step up your picture and video quality.

Moment’s new wide lens is made out of a multi-element glass design, that provides edge-to-edge clarity. And unlike any other basic lens, this lens was designed with 5 layers of cinema quality glass, with handmade aerospace grade metal, to provide clear, crisp and captivating shots.

And due to it being a wide, landscape lens, you’re instantly going to see a huge difference of how much scenery and space you can capture with it. The wide lens of course has a wider, bigger lens and will provide double the amount of picture/video room, than if you compared it to a regular lens. Making it great for any type of landscape pictures, city shots or family group pictures.

The new wide lens is currently available for $99.99 at their official website, and comes with a lens cap and a microfiber bag when purchased. It also only works with a Moment battery case or photo case, which is sold separately at their official website, which sells anywhere from $29.99 through $99.99.

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Brighten Your Photos More With LuMee’s New Duo Case For The iPhone 8

The secret to having a great selfie is good lighting. So why not always have a built-in light right on your iPhone, with LuMee’s new Duo case, that will instantly illuminate and brighten your photos whenever you decide to take a picture.

Not only is it great for taking selfies or pictures in general, it’s also great for protecting your iPhone as well, since it was designed to be drop resistant and crack proof, while remaining super lightweight and slim on your iPhone. Making it perfect for when you have to hold it up with one hand for a selfie or for a group photo, since you can easily raise it up and snap your picture in a breeze.

Here are some of the key features the case comes with:

  • Great for taking pictures in darker areas or at night
  • Comes with a front and back LED light
  • Has soft yet strong raised TPU edges
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and cord for whenever it runs low
  • Is super lightweight and easy to handle

So if you’re looking to step up your selfie game and want to try out the case for yourself, you can always be sure to purchase or learn more about the Duo case over at LuMee’s official website, where they’re currently selling it for $69.95 in a color choice of rose, gold, white gloss and black for the iPhone 6-8.

Source: CNet, LuMee

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DJI’s New Osmo Mobile For Your iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

DJI’s new Osmo Mobile turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera, that can take every moment that you shoot look smooth, professional and ready to share.

With the Osmo, you can shoot cinematic videos anytime and anywhere, by using its intelligent functions to track your subject in a much more clear and dynamic way. You can also use its functions to set how much sensitivity you want for when you turn it, as well as be able to use its invert pan, tilt, gimbal or the push mode to change its direction and movement.

You can even live stream with the Osmo and share your videos using YouTube Live or Facebook Live inside the DJI GO app, and can also make landscape photos on it as well; by using its Panorama function that automatically captures and blends 9 separate photos together to create a very wide and stunning picture.

So if you’re thinking about buying or learning more about DJI’s new Osmo Mobile, you can always check it out at their official website, where it’s currently going for $299 for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

Source: DJI

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Create Instant Polaroids With The New Prynt Case For The iPhone

Print out instant polaroind pictures with the new Prynt Pocket camera case, that allows you to save the photos on your smartphone as soon as you take them, as well as print them out in real life.

Now since the Prynt case was meant to be used like a camera, it comes with a physical shutter button and a wheel to zoom in and out with, so it’s easier for you to quickly snap a picture. It was also designed to fit just about any small or large iPhone through the lightning port, since it can expand and adjust to pretty much any size phone you want it on.

It also has the ability to embed a video within your printed photo which kinda turns into a Live Photo/GIF, that you can edit within its Prynt app and instantly print out a still photo while the video version stays in the app. Which is pretty cool since after the photo is printed, you can go in the app and scan the image by holding it up to your camera, and it will recognize the image and place the video version of the photo on top of your still image; and play the original live video.

So if you’re interested in either trying out or learning more about the Prynt Pocket case for your iPhone, then you can check out Prynt’s offical website, where it’s currently going for $119 in a color choice of pink, black, blue or white.

Source: Tech Insider, Prynt

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Turn Your Photos Into A Work Of Art With The New Olli App

Tinrocket’s Olli is a new oil painting app that turns your photos straight into a drawing, by literally capturing it on the viewfinder on your iPhone, so you know exactly how it looks before you snap the photo.

This app lets you choose between 6 pre-set styles and fine-tune them to however you want, by changing their brightness, shading, detail and saturation, to get that perfect look for your photos. It also allows you to import your own photos as well, which is great for if you already have pictures on your computer or in your iPhone’s gallery, and want to give it an oil styled look through the app.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Watch everything around you turn animated with the app’s live preview mode
  • Save your drawings and animations on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest
  • Comes with 6 pre-set styles and 2 supplemental style packs (for in-app purchases)
  • Fine-tune your photos to however you’d like with the detail controls
  • Take your photos live or import them through your iPhone’s library

If you would like to purchase or learn more about Tinrocket’s new Olli app, then you can head on over to the App Store where it’s currently going for $2.99 for any iPhone that supports an iOS 10.0 or later.

Source: iPhoneArena, App Store

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