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Mac Ransomware Exists And It Is Very Much Real

For as long as Mac computers have been available, the proud users of Apple products have always thought that they were safe from viruses and other online security threats. Being virus safe was one of the big reasons to consider using a Mac system in the first place. In some cases, users viewed that as […]

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Stunning collection of 1,500 screenshots detailing every macOS release since 2000

See how the Mac user interface, called Aqua, has evolved from the earliest days of lickable buttons, gloss and pinstripes to the more subdued brushed metal look to the skeuomorphic days to the iOS 7-style flattening and today’s translucent appearance. Do yourself a favor and check out this awesome collection for a trip down memory lane.

13 Ways to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Capturing a screen, taking a screenshot, or in PC talk, printscreening are different terms for the same desired outcome. macOS and OS X both allow for at least 13 ways to take a screenshot. In the guide below, we’ll cover the most common ways to …

From Win32 to Cocoa: A Windows user’s would-be conversion to Mac OS X

From the archives—One PC user ponders switching sides as Windows seems to lose its “wow.”

A quicker way to toggle hidden files on macOS, no Terminal required

Sometimes you need to view hidden files on your computer, but normally only briefly. Don’t bother with the command line, use this simple toggle method instead.