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DarkTables augments iOS pop-up menus with dark mode features and more

If you like dark mode tweaks, then you’ll enjoy DarkTables. Not only does it let you apply a dark mode to your iOS pop-up menus, but you can also adjust their style and behavior.

LG Display Will Supply up to 400,000 OLED Panels for Apple’s iPhone

LG Display has won a contract to produce OLED display panels for use in Apple’s iPhone lineup, and will begin shipping the panels next month.Read More…

LG Display to Supply Apple With 400,000 OLED iPhone Panels By End of Year

Apple has contracted LG Display to begin production of OLED panels for iPhones. According to ETNews, the display panels will be produced at LG’s E6 production line in Paju, with shipping to begin next month.

LG will supply approximately 400,000 OL…

iPhone XR supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 content even without a true HDR display

Yes, you can play high dynamic range (HDR) video on your iPhone XR. No, it’s not true HDR. What you’re actually seeing is simulated color without most of the visual enhancements and fidelity afforded by the superior OLED panels.

Moonshine ports the Apple Watch charging animation and Nightstand Mode to iPhone

The Apple Watch has a unique charge animation that iPhone users have envied for the longest time. Fortunately, Moonshine ports it to our everyday handsets.