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Man arrested in Fifth Ave Apple Store trying to slash prices with real samurai sword (Video)

Customers and employees at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York had somewhat of an interesting experience today. According to a report from ABC 7 NY, a man entered the store and headed to the iconic clear glass staircase and began waving around a samurai sword while screaming. He was then escorted out of […]

NY has a legal lottery, says online fantasy sports are an illegal lottery

Judge on Monday refuses to side against NY in lawsuit defining online gambling.

NY suspects Verizon, TWC, and Cablevision of slowing Internet traffic

AG investigates interconnection disputes, demands information from ISPs.

Microsoft says iPhone users welcome in Apple Store-like 5th Ave Microsoft Store

After setting up shop just a few blocks away from Apple’s signature retail store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, Microsoft says that iPhone users will be welcome to drop into the new Microsoft Store opening today, reports the NY Times. “If you bring your iPhone in here, I’d love to show you how to use Office on […]

Are a million free Google Cardboard sets doomed to repeat CueCat’s history?

The NY Times‘ VR initiative resembles a similar old-media tech push in 2000.