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How to Float Notes Over Application Windows in macOS

In the Notes app in macOS, it’s possible to float individual notes over other windows so that they stay visible regardless of which application is active.

This makes for a convenient way to reference an existing note while writing an essay or rep…

The best journaling apps for iPhone and iPad

Did you know writing in a journal is a great for your mind? Whether you’re new to it or you’ve been journaling for a while, there is an app to meet your needs. We’ve looked around and have found some of the best journaling apps for iPhone or iPad. Check them out!

How to customize Notes app with lines or grids

Apple’s Notes app for iPhone and iPad includes customizations such as adding different line and grid styles for handwriting and sketching in a note, making it a lot easier to draw a straight line, create a vector shape, handwrite a note across an even landscape and more.

How to float a note in the Notes app on Mac

Some Stickies functionality has carried over to Notes after all. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to pull any selected note on your Mac into its own window and even make it float on top of all other app windows.