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How to import Evernote notes to your Notes App on Mac

If you want to import notes from Evernote into your Mac Notes app, the process is quick and simple. This brief tutorial shows you how.

How to export notes from Evernote on Mac and iOS

Whether you’re ready to make a move from Evernote or want to use another note-taking app along with it, here’s how to easily export notes from Evernote.

View how many characters you’ve typed in the Notes app with countingNotes

Want a character counter in the official Notes app in iOS? A jailbreak tweak called countingNotes can provide one for you.

Notepad lets you type notes to yourself directly from the Lock screen

Quickly jot down notes to yourself directly from the Lock screen with a new jailbreak tweak called Notepad.

Avoid accidentally deleting notes from your iPhone with NotesConfirmToDelete

It can be frustrating when you accidentally delete one of your notes. Fortunately, this tweak prevents you from doing that with a two-step process.