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Hidden Switch game is actually a tribute to former Nintendo president [Updated]


This weekend, Switch owners learned their consoles are apparently holding a hidden copy of the NES game Golf, along with a built-in NES emulator designed to run it. But Switch hacker yellows8 and others who have been able to run that emulator say they've only been able to do so via "unofficial" methods that let them run jailbroken Switch binaries independently.

Now that the emulator is widely known to exist, a few diehards and hackers are engaged in an obsessive quest to discover if there's an "official" way to launch that emulator on stock hardware. While that quest hasn't borne fruit yet, the search itself is a fascinating look into the subculture of console hacking and the fast-moving world of rumor and conspiracy theory that often surrounds it.

The Setery mystery

Surprisingly enough, yellows8 probably wasn't the first person to launch NES Golf on the Switch. That title likely goes to Setery, a user on the GBATemp console hacking forums who posted about the game mysteriously appearing on his system back on July 22. As Setery tells it:

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Your Nintendo Switch is apparently hiding an NES emulator and a copy of ‘Golf’

Nintendo Switch: NES emulator

Nintendo's failure to commit to bringing the Virtual Console to the Switch has been one of the few dark clouds hanging over an otherwise smooth launch of a new console. As popular as the service was on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS, it seems like it would be a no-brainer to bring it to the Switch as well, but Nintendo has yet to even confirm its existence... which is exactly why a surprising new development has been making headlines.

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Everything you missed from Nintendo’s September Direct live stream last night

Nintendo Direct roundup

On Wednesday evening, Nintendo hosted its latest Nintendo Direct live stream, highlighting many of the Switch and 3DS games that will launch this fall and through the holidays. Most of the games were known commodities, but there were a few surprises as well, including a release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the reveal of a Mario Party minigame collection and a few surprising ports of popular third-party games.

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Watch today’s Nintendo Direct live for Super Mario Odyssey, Switch and 3DS updates

Nintendo Direct live stream

In one of its longest Nintendo Direct streams of the year so far (45 minutes!), Nintendo will talk about what's next for the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS, while also sharing new details about Super Mario Odyssey. The new Mario game is one of our most anticipated games of the fall, so you know we'll be tuning in.

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Nintendo just fixed one of the biggest issues with the Switch Online app

Nintendo Switch Online app

Nintendo tends to make online interaction on its consoles far more difficult than it needs to be, but with the release of the Nintendo Switch Online app over the summer, the company reached previously uncharted levels of ridiculousness. Not only was the app required for voice chat over the Switch, but the voice chat functionality would be disabled if the user tried to use another app or put their phone into sleep mode. It was a genuinely baffling decision, but on Tuesday evening, Nintendo rolled out an update addressing the issue.

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