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Nintendo Switch tiptoes toward letting users back up their data

Enlarge / New Switch firmware, new Super Mario Odyssey profile-icon options! And that means T-REX MARIO! RWAAAR! (credit: Nintendo)

As the Nintendo Switch loses some of its brand-new luster, fans have begun to question a few key missing features, from the long-running Virtual Console service to traditional apps like media players and Web browsers. Thus, any new major firmware for the Switch is likely to get fans' hopes up about new functionality, and sure enough Switch firmware 4.0, out on Wednesday, brings a few new features to the table.

Arguably the most notable addition is one that comes oh-so-close to fixing a major Switch problem: the inability to back up any save game data. Switch 4.0 officially adds profile and save transfers between Switch systems. This process will entirely wipe whatever selected data is moved from the source system. This is the first time Switch owners have been able to move save data in any official capacity, as opposed to having save data being completely trapped on a default system, but it's still a far cry from being able to take your console's save files and store them somewhere secure, like a spare SD card or a computer. (Purchases are linked to a universal profile, and these have already been transferable, so long as the source console's licenses are deactivated first.)

We can only hope this feature rollout is a hint of more functionality in the future. Otherwise, the race is still on for hackers and exploiters to beat Nintendo to the save-backup punch (and thereby drive legitimate users towards hacks in the process).

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People are so pumped for ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ that they’re speedrunning the in-store demo

Super Mario Odyssey demo speedrun

We're two weeks away from the release of Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch, but for many Nintendo fans, the wait has become unbearable. Sadly, there's no demo available on the Switch eShop to help tide us all over, but across the country, retailers have set up Super Mario Odyssey demo stations, featuring a single level from the game.

Although the demo can be completed, it has a 10-minute timer so that the next person in line won't be waiting forever to get a turn. But some gamers see the timer as a challenge, which has given rise to a funny, fantastic phenomenon: Super Mario Odyssey demo speedruns. At the time of writing, the current world record appears to be 5:28.

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Report: Nintendo increases Switch orders to 2 million units a month

Nintendo Switch supply

Just in time for the holiday season, DigiTimes reported this week that Nintendo is bumping up its orders of Nintendo Switch units to 2 million a month, according to upstream supply chain sources.

Nintendo has said publicly on multiple occasions that it is doing everything it can to meet the high levels of demand for the console, which makes this report all the more believable. Additionally, Nintendo told suppliers earlier this year that it wants to make 20 million Switch consoles by March 2018. This would certainly put Nintendo on pace.

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‘Stardew Valley’ and 9 other games coming to Nintendo Switch this week

Nintendo Switch new games

Today is the day that Nintendo fans have waited months for: Stardew Valley is finally available on the Switch eShop. The 2D farming simulator was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2016, and now Switch owners can take the game with them wherever they go. But Stardew Valley isn't the only new game to hit the Switch this week. In fact, by next Tuesday, 10 new games will be available on the eShop, including some other big indie hits.

First up, we have Axiom Verge, a side-scrolling action-adventure game that draws inspiration from the likes of Metroid and Castlevania. It too was well-received back when it launched in 2015, and should be perfect for the Switch.

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‘Stardew Valley’ finally coming to the Nintendo Switch this week

Stardew Valley Switch release date

As excited as Nintendo Switch owners are about new properties such as Project Octopath Traveler and sequels like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, some of the most anticipated releases for the console are ports of games that have already launched on other platforms. One of those games is farming, dungeon crawling and life sim Stardew Valley, one of the biggest success stories of 2016. Good news: The wait is almost over.

On Monday, developer Eric Barone announced that Stardew Valley will be available on the Switch eShop starting on Thursday, October 5th for $14.99. This is the first time the game will be on a Nintendo or portable console.

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