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Another classic Nintendo console, another insane dump of instruction manuals

Enlarge / Cranky Kong pops up a lot in the Donkey Kong Country manual to tell you how bad everything is. (credit: Nintendo)

Last year, the NES Classic's launch was met with something that I argued was more interesting and valuable in the game-preservation sense: a gigantic dump of NES and Famicom instruction manuals, all free to download in PDF format. They included a range of weird and rarely seen game-instruction books from across the world, and unlike their source product, people could actually get them.

We are passionate fans of the days when games actually included printed instruction manuals, so one of the first things we did with review units of the SNES Classic was tap through its menus to the "instructions" tab, then jot down the URL where Nintendo would eventually dump a similar motherload of SNES and Super Famicom instruction manuals.

That day has arrived.

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Don’t get fooled into buying one of these fake NES Classic Edition consoles

Fake NES Classic Edition

Now that the NES Classic Edition has been officially discontinued by Nintendo, it's both more expensive and more difficult to find. Unfortunately, this has also led to an even more frustrating issue: some of the NES Classic Edition consoles up for sale online are actually knockoffs.

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Killing the NES Classic Edition looks like a worse and worse idea

NES Classic Edition vs. PS4. vs Xbox One

Last month, Nintendo shocked the world when it announced the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition. The throwback console had become a smash hit, selling out instantly any time stock appeared, but the company explained that it didn't have the resources to dedicate to producing the console beyond its limited run. Plus, with the Switch having just launched, Nintendo couldn't split its focus.

It's hard to say whether or not this was the correct decision, but there's no denying that the NES Classic would have continued to sell if Nintendo had kept shipping it. Need proof? Check the latest figures from The NPD Group, which show the NES Classic Edition was the second best-selling console of April.

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Nintendo killed the NES Classic, but this retro console is the next best thing

NES Classic Edition replacement

Earlier this year, the NES Classic Edition died an untimely death. According to Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime, the retro remake was never meant to be anything more than a limited-time release, but the company could never have predicted just how popular the device would become. So now it's gone and it's never coming back, but if you're still desperate to play NES games on your TV, all is not lost.

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Nintendo offers a terrible explanation for why it discontinued the NES Classic

NES Classic: Nintendo reveals why it was discontinued

Nintendo fans the world over were shocked to learn earlier this month that the company was going to cease production of the NES Classic Edition just five months after bringing it to market. Nintendo says that the last shipments of the miniature consoles will have shipped by the end of May, but it's still not clear why such a great product is being killed off in the height of its popularity. In an interview with Time, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé did his best to offer an explanation.

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