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Potentially bad news for Spotify as EU approves Apple’s planned acquisition of Shazam

The regulators have concluded that the proposed acquisition of Shazam by Apple would not reduce choice for users of streaming music services in Europe, like Sweden-headquartered Spotify.

Add powerful new features to the Now Playing interface with Apace 2

Apace 2 supercharges the Now Playing interface with powerful playlist integration and new feature support for Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music.

ColorFlow 4 brings album artwork-centric color schemes to iOS 11’s Now Playing interface

ColorFlow 4 (iOS 11) colorizes your Now Playing interface based on the primary colors of your album artwork. The tweak supports both the Music and Spotify apps!

Give your Lock screen music controls a makeover with HeliusXI

Looking for a new look and feel for your Lock screen’s Now Playing music interface? Try HeliusXI.

Apple Music for Android gaining Android Auto support, search by lyrics, Friends Mix & more

The latest beta of Apple’s Music app for Android has picked up support for Android Auto, the search giant’s CarPlay-like system that mirrors qualified apps from a smartphone to a vehicle’s display.