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Apple’s new ad shows off “the largest display on an iPhone ever”

Apple’s new commercial, titled “Growth Spurt,” showcases its Super Retina display in two sizes, including “the largest display on an iPhone ever”.

Huawei was caught using a pro camera to fake smartphone photos (again)

An actor in the commercial accidentally revealed the trick on her Instagram.

Samsung ads mock iPhone X’s lack of a stylus, praise Note 9’s power despite slower chips

Are these ads ingenious? Barely. Are they mean-spirited or sympathetic? Depends on who you ask. Do they tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Uh-uh!

Another video highlights making Apple Pay Cash payments through text

Fighting over who gets to pay for dinner has never been more fun with Apple Pay Cash.

Don’t try to rejuvenate your vagina, FDA warns after scolding companies

The FDA notes that the “energy-based” therapies are unproven and can cause serious harm.