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Apple in Talks to Offer Veterans Access to Electronic Medical Records on iPhone

Apple is holding talks with the Department of Veterans Affairs about offering electronic health records to military veterans, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Apple already provides access to electronic medical records through the Health app on iOS …

Dockey review: a simple app to customize your Mac’s Dock

If you’re looking for an easier way to customize your Mac Dock or simply want more options than your settings allow, check out this Dockey review.

Does your Mac have Apple T2 security chip? Here’s how to find out!

Apple’s custom T2 chip provides unrivaled privacy 
and industry-leading security features never before present on Mac. Some newer Mac models include this chip and others do not. iDownloadBlog shows you how to identify whether your Mac computer has the Apple T2 chip.

5KPlayer brings multiscreen playback, DLNA, Internet radio & more to your Mac [sponsored]

5KPlayer is a multi-purpose media player that supports multiscreen playback with DLNA and AirPlay, has a built-in radio, music player and video downloader, supports hardware acceleration and more.

Macs with T2 chip treat the headphone jack and the internal speakers as separate devices

All Macs with Apple’s T2 chip treat the 3.5mm audio port and the internal speakers as two distinct devices so you can use the internal speakers separately from your headphones.