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Apple Watch Link Bracelet Kit now available in Space Black

The new Magnetic Charging Dock was not the only new Apple Watch accessory to hit online stores today.

Apple has also begun selling a Link Bracelet Kit in Space Black for $49 in the Apple Store. Until today, Apple was only selling this kit for Silver Link Bracelets. These Link Bracelet Kits are designed for the 42mm Apple Watch and contain six additional stainless steel links. You can use these kits to replace missing links on your original bracelet or to expand it and accommodate bigger wrists. The original Link Bracelet measures 205mm and adding all six of the links to it expands it to 245mm.

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Apple Watch Space Black Link Bracelet Kit now available to buy for $49

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The Link Bracelet band for Apple Watch is unique in the collection because you can actually take it apart to add and remove segments of the full bracelet to change the size. The new Space Black Link Bracelet Kit lets you buy six extra links for $49 that you can add onto the watch to extend the total length of the Space Black Link bracelet by 40mm, better fitting larger arms. Effectively, this allows the premium link bracelet band to fit wrists that are larger than 205 mm.

Apple launched a similar Link Bracelet Kit for the silver metal band in August, leaving space black owners waiting until today. Interestingly, although the Space Black Apple Watch band is more expensive than the Silver one, the cost of the replacement kits are the same. According to the Apple Store, orders today will ship Tuesday November 24th at the earliest — just in time for the holiday shopping season.

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Apple Watch Space Black Link Bracelet Kit Now Available for $49

Apple Watch Link Bracelet Kit Space BlackApple today released a Space Black color Link Bracelet Kit, which contains six additional stainless steel links for wrists that exceed 205mm. The six links extend the 42mm Apple Watch band by up to 40mm, for a maximum size of 245mm.

The new Space Black kit is available on the Apple Online Store for $49, the same price as the Silver Link Bracelet Kit released in August, despite the full Space Black Link Bracelet carrying a $100 premium over the Silver Link Bracelet.

The kit is estimated for delivery as early as Tuesday, November 24 with expedited shipping, or Friday, November 27 with standard shipping, in the United States. The kit is also available in Canada for $69 and £39 in the United Kingdom.

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Apple Watch survey finds most customers plan to buy more bands, third-party interest increasing

P&Q Apple Watch

Pad & Quill’s Classic Band (review), an attractive third-party Apple Watch band

Since the Apple Watch debuted earlier this year, Wristly has been tracking interesting user data around customer activity, satisfaction, and much more. The latest survey taken focuses primarily on Apple Watch bands by asking volunteer participants which band came with their Apple Watch at purchase, if they’ve already bought additional bands or plan to buy more, and even a question about the new Apple TV

Wristly Apple Watch

The most popular band acquired during initial Apple Watch purchase for Wristly’s participants is rather unsurprising: Sport. The $49 band comes in multiple colors across the Sport, Watch, and Edition collections, and has the lowest purchase price for any Apple Watch.

But how popular is Sport band as the first option according to Wristly’s survey? Three out of four participants opted for Sport to start. The same survey found that while 61% of participants own one Sport band, 25% surveyed own multiple Sport bands.

Runners-up include the $149 Milanese Loop at 11%, followed by 6% Link Bracelet, 4% Leather Loop, 3% Classic Buckle, and about 1% Modern Buckle. The Milanese Loop ranking next in popularity is likely due to its affordable price for a metal option relative to the $449 Link Bracelet.

Wristly Apple Watch

Looking forward, Wristly asked how many participants plan to buy additional bands in the future. 23% surveyed say they expect to buy one or more bands from Apple while 20% will shop third-party vendors for options; 13% expect to buy from both. And while many plan to buy more bands from Apple or others, 19% surveyed have no plans for more bands and 32% are undecided. Wristly notes that it’s interest in third-party bands that has notably climbed here.

And when it comes to kicking the habit of wearing Apple Watch, 46% surveyed say it would be very hard to stop wearing their purchase while 39% responded that it would be somewhat hard, making up a plurality of 85%. Groups in single digits individually responded that it would be neither hard nor easy, somewhat easy, very easy, or already stopped wearing.

Finally, when it comes to buying an Apple Watch and planning to buy the new Apple TV, there’s overlap from brand loyalty just as you would expect. 56% surveyed plan to buy their first or add a new Apple TV with a whopping majority of responders being upgraders.

If there’s one key takeaway from this data for me, it’s that Apple knew what it was doing when it refreshed the Apple Watch lineup with new bands, mostly new Sport colors, going into the holiday season rather than doing nothing or delivering a totally new Apple Watch.

You can read the full report and see more charts at Wristly.

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Review: Sena’s Leather Apple Watch Case Easily Transitions From Home Dock to Travel Accessory

Though there are now hundreds of Apple Watch chargers and stands on the market, Apple is only selling a handful in retail locations – those that are designed with a clean aesthetic that matches the feel of the company’s products. The latest Apple-endorsed Apple Watch charging solution comes from Sena, and will be in Apple Stores in mid-November.

Sena’s Leather Watch Case, which is actually available from Sena’s website beginning today, is a hybrid stand and case product that can be used for charging, storage, and travel purposes.

The Leather Watch Case is designed to look like a traditional watch case that might come with any luxury watch. It’s similar in size to the box that comes with the stainless steel Apple Watch, with a round exterior covered in a quality black European leather and a microsuede-covered interior for the Apple Watch to rest on. It only comes in black, which might not be appealing to all users, primarily those with silver, gold, and rose gold Apple Watches.

As with most Apple Watch charging accessories, the Leather Watch Case requires you to supply your own Magnetic Charging Cable, but it does include a cord wrap to keep the cable hidden from view. There are four pieces to the Leather Watch Case, which snap together magnetically: a leather-covered bottom base, a plastic cord wrap that fits inside the base, a microsuede interior piece that houses the Apple Watch charging puck, and a leather-covered lid with a padded microsuede interior that fits over the whole thing to protect the Apple Watch when on the base.

Assembling the Leather Watch Case was a simple enough process that consisted of fitting the charging puck into the microsuede holder, guiding the cord through the cord wrap and out the base, and fitting all of the pieces together.

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