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Review: Sylvania’s affordable Smart+ HomeKit white bulb & LED light strip

Sylvania has been on a roll expanding their HomeKit lineup with several different products. Recently, I took some time to test out their multi-color LED light strip, as well as their affordable white LED bulb. Check out our review!

We checked out the Nanoleaf’s dodecahedron Remote & square LED tiles

The Nanoleaf Aurora is one of my favorite HomeKit accessories. At CES 2018, they’ve announced a pair of new products, that are both seriously cool. The 12-sided HomeKit remote, as well as the touch-sensitive square LED tiles…. Read the rest…

LEDVANCE releases HomeKit-equipped Sylvania Smart+ filament light bulb

LEDVANCE releases the first HomeKit-enabled filament light bulb as it starts shipping their full-color light strip and soft white A19 bulb, no hub or bridge required.

Review: LIFX Mini is a bright and hub-less HomeKit bulb

The LIFX Mini requires no hub, supports HomeKit, and a variety of special effects within the LIFX app. Check out our hands on review and video to get an idea of its full potential.

The telephoto lens on the iPhone X requires only 25% of the light required by the iPhone 7 Plus

In a recent report for Studio Neat, Dan Provost details one of the advances Apple has made in the camera of the iPhone X.