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This incredible underwater hotel will set you back $50,000 per night

There are lots and lots of fancy hotels around the globe, but if you want to spend an evening below the sea, your options are pretty limited. The private Conrad Maldives Rangali Island just opened what it calls the world’s first underwater hotel, and it is an incredible place which can actually fulfill that desire.

The hotel is called The Muraka, which Designboom points out means “coral” in the native Dhivehi. When you book a reservation, you get the entire villa, which features floors above and below the water line. Up top you can enjoy a luxurious living area and exterior porch with attached pool, but the real fun starts when you dip below the waves of the Indian Ocean.

Attached to the ocean floor is a large living area, bathroom, and, of course, a top-of-the-line sleeping quarters. You’ll sleep in what amounts to a glass dome surrounded by the sea and any ocean life that happens to drift by.

The company behind the hotel produced a making-of video to showcase the construction, and it’s definitely worth a watch:

But you don’t just get access to the villa during your stay. Along with the room(s) you get 24-hour butler service, a private chef, and access to the other attractions on the small island, including several restaurants. You also get a speed boat to use during your stay, because why not? Oh, and they’ll also fly you in on a private seaplane.

This probably goes without saying, but a stay at the hotel is only for those with very deep pockets. A night at the villa will set you back a cool $50,000, so if you’re planning on a weekend getaway you’ll need some serious spending cash. The hotel just began taking reservations this month.

For the rest of us without a few hundred grand to drop on a quick vacation, maybe we can just hang a fish tank above our beds and get the same effect.

Man burns brother-in-law’s house to the ground over sports argument

If you really want to find a reason to despise someone there are two topics you can bring up: politics or sports. The latter, perhaps even more than the former, tends to bring out the ugliest side of people, but rarely do things escalate to the point of arson. That appears to be exactly what happened in Argentina, where a manhunt is underway for a guy who burned his brother-in-law’s house to the ground because he was a fan of an opposing soccer team.

As Deadspin reports, the beef began when the two men, Oscar and Arturo, were visiting the home of a third man. A discussion over sports broke out and, when things got particularly heated, Oscar left in a rage. He then went to Arturo’s house, where he had been staying for some time, took his belongings and left. But not before setting fire to the place.

The fire eventually spread to the entire home, burning it to the ground and destroying almost everything Arturo owned in the process. Neighbors reportedly saw Oscar fleeing the home just prior to the fire spreading. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who was probably responsible.

Apparently Oscar has managed to evade capture since committing the act, and as of Monday police were still trying to hunt him down. Being that the two men are (were?) close friends, as well as brothers-in-law, it would seem likely that Oscar will inevitably have to answer for his alleged crime. All we know for certain is the next family gathering is going to be very, very awkward.

Arguing over sports is silly on the surface, but even the most level-headed people can find themselves in a frustrating back-and-forth when their home team gets called out. Whatever you do, it’s probably not wise to resort to arson in order to get your point across.

Man shot by his own dog says he’s still a very good boy

Guns and dogs are a surprisingly dangerous combination for hunters who don’t take gun safety very seriously, and a recent shooting of a New Mexico man is a great example of that. One Sonny Gilligan, a 74-year-old dog owner, was out hunting jackrabbits when his dog accidentally pulled the trigger of a shotgun that had been tossed in the back seat of his pickup truck.

Gilligan was struck through the seat and, after figuring out where the shot came from, realized that his dog Charlie was the unlikely shooter.

Apparently, Charlie took a step and got his paw caught near the trigger of the gun, at which point he slipped off the seat and the trigger was pulled just enough to initiate a shot. The shot penetrated the seat and entered the man’s back, breaking ribs as well as his collar-bone, according to a report from the Las Cruces Sun.

Gilligan survived the blast and is “on the road to recovery,” according to the report. He also doesn’t hold any grudge against the pup that shot him since, you know, it obviously wasn’t the dog’s fault.

The stupidity of leaving a loaded shotgun, presumably without its safety toggled on, in the back seat of a vehicle where a dog is sitting can’t be overstated. It’s just plain dumb, and the dog really can’t be blamed for not knowing how firearms work.

Charlie and Gilligan’s two other dogs, Cowboy and Scooter, were taken in by a local animal center while everything was being sorted out, but were later released to Gilligan’s son. As for Charlie, his owner feels guilty for putting him in the position he was in, telling reporters that “He’s a good dog.”

Of course he is.

McDonald’s will reboot its breakfast menu with all-new ‘Triple Stacks’ sandwiches

McDonald’s has long been the king of fast food breakfast, but there’s no denying that its menu has grown a wee bit stale over the years. The last major shakeup to the McDonald’s breakfast menu was the introduction of the McGriddles, which debuted way back in 2003.

Now, the company is finally cranking things up a notch with the addition of three new sandwiches that it hopes will breathe a bit of life into its early morning business. Well, “new” might be a bit of an overstatement, as the three new “Breakfast Triple Stacks” are actually just bigger versions of sandwiches that have been part of the menu for years.

The sandwiches are inspired by people who custom-order oversized breakfast sandwiches, which McDonald’s says happens quite a bit. The new triple stacks come as either a biscuit, english muffin, or McGriddles sandwich, but the inside is where things get interesting. The stacks feature double sausage patties, egg, bacon, and multiple layers of cheese.

As CNN reports, the company admitted in a recent earnings call that its breakfast business has been stumbling a bit, especially in the fact of competition from other fast food brands. Taco Bell recently started serving breakfast, and companies like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are also relative newcomers offering breakfast sandwiches of their own.

It’s obviously far too early to tell whether these new offerings will do anything to tip the scales but anyone who lives by the “bigger is better” mantra will probably enjoy them.

The triple stack sandwiches aren’t available just yet, but McDonald’s says they’re coming very soon. The company has targeted a November 1st launch date for the new menu items, but as always it’ll be up to individual McDonald’s locations to adopt them.

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