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Twitter iOS App Adds Shortcut Keys for iPad Users With Bluetooth and Smart Keyboards


If you’re an iPad user who makes use of a Bluetooth or Smart Keyboard with your iPad, you’ll be glad to hear the latest update to the Twitter app for iOS has brought a number of shortcut keys for use in the app.

How-To: Remap Windows keyboards to match the Mac keyboard layout

Over the last few days I’ve been finding myself using a keyboard designed for Windows users on my Mac. The reason behind such a change was that my MacBook Pro’s keyboard was causing wrist pain. The shallow key travel of the MacBook’s keyboard is partly to blame.

I just so happened to have an AmazonBasics wired keyboard available thanks to my recent Hackintosh build, so I decided to use it with my Mac. Immediately, I could sense relief in my wrists, but because this was a keyboard designed for Windows and not for Mac, the switch presented a whole new problem. more…

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Tips for Using Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Converts


So you made the move from the dark side, and bought a Mac. But, you’re finding the keyboard shortcuts you used on your Windows PC don’t work on the Mac.

djay Pro lands on the iPad with Split View, tons of keyboard shortcuts, 4 track support, much more

A year ago Algoriddim introduced djay Pro to Mac, the professional version of the company’s highly popular DJ software that ever beginners can love, and today djay Pro is coming to iPad. It’s a whole new app for the tablet with a super clean look, loads of new features, and a highly responsive design. That means […]

Chrome for iOS adds 3D Touch shortcuts, better hardware keyboard support

A few weeks ago we noticed that Google has started testing pre-release versions of Chrome through Apple’s TestFlight beta distribution service, and today the version in testing then has been released to everyone through the App Store. The latest version of Chrome for iOS takes advantage of Apple’s new pressure sensitive iPhone 6s displays and […]